Breathtaking Qatar Show Jumping Logo for International Team

Feb 13, 2024

The S&S Qatar Show Jumping Team is widely recognized in the International showjumping circuit for their superior skills and athleticism at the top levels of the sport. They frequent the Longines Global Champions Tour and compete at the highest ranks of the FEI. This Qatar show jumping logo design showcases a crown as the main element in this design. We created two abstract, ultra modern show jumpers on either side of this hand drawn modern crown to compliment our vector lineart style. The team is known throughout Qatar as S&S, therefore we branded S&S into the center of the design without additional lettering that would detract from the horses and crown so the design would stay perfectly symmetrical.

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Crown Logo Design for S & S

Modern Qatar Show Jumping Logo Design with a Symmetrical Crown for S&S showjumping team

The mild winters, humid summers, rolling sand dunes and low plains covered in sand provide ideal terrain for practice and training for the S&S Qatar Show Jumping Team. The citizens of Qatar are sport enthusiasts and they are always ready to enjoy a good game, the country has many centers and arenas such as Khalifa International Tennis and Squash Complex and Education City Stadium.
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The sport of Show Jumping dates back to the 18th century

The industry of Show Jumping is recent that originated from England and France in the 18th Century. The enclosed act involves fences and obstacles to highlight the jumping act and how it imbued the freedom of the horse, this was previously known as Lepping. Initially jumping schools of Italy, Spain and Vietnam were on the front line however after the major jumping show in Olympia, England in 1907, the news of the event propagated to other parts of the world.

After this famous event, rules such as jumping penalties, penalties for knockdowns, refusals and time penalties were established to score with merit and form this event into an official sport for spectators. Utilizing a forward style of English saddle, the tracks of Qatar are perfect for the S&S Qatar Show Jumping Team to practice for major events such as the Longines Global Champions Tour.  Show jumpers are known for their skill in vertical and Oxer jumps, Triple bar, cross rail, filler, brush jump and water jumps.

Qatar Logo Design with two symmetrical horses and a custom hand drawn modern crown

The S&S Qatar Show Jumping Team is working with tall warmblood horses that have the athletic anatomy to navigate through high jumps with speed while carrying their riders safely. Warmbloods have light bodies and a calm temperament which makes them a popular breed in competitions and equestrian Show Jumping.

A modern Qatar logo design made with a crown to represent the show jumping team at the Longines Global Champions Tour

S&S Show Jumping Team competes in the highest level of Show Jumping and they participate in the Longines Global Champions Tour. Founded by the Olympic gold medalist Jan Tops in 2006, LGCT is an annual champion level show jumping competition composed of 15 rounds and 30 top FEI Jumping World Ranking riders and it is broadcasted by Eurosport.

Competing on the coveted Longines Global Champions Tour

Fixed rules of Longines Global Champions Tour (LGCT) includes top 30 FEI ranked riders and if they refuse to participate, the positions are filled by the governing body of the competition. After the initial scoring, the top 25 riders are allowed to compete in final rounds. Longines Global Champions Tour is also noted to be the richest event in the equestrian industry as the 2014 overall winner; Scott Brash won over €852,000 in prize money. Although FEI has no role in organizing the series other than ratifying the schedule, the competition runs under the FEI rules.

Qatar Show Jumping Logo Design with Two Jumpers and a Modern Crown

The design of this show jumping crown for a Qatar logo design created by EQ Graphics composes a crown that is a recognized symbol in popular media. The Longines horse logo design depicts the qualities of power, glory, royalty, victory, honor and triumph that are reflected in the experience and career of the S&S Show Jumping Team. The design is emphasizing on a pair of horses which brings in limelight the characteristics of companionship, coordination, teamwork and horsemanship which is essential when working in the jumping industry. The jumping horse design showcased in this Qatar logo design for S&S Show Jumping Team is resonating with the knowledge, professionalism and skill of the well-seasoned team.

EQ Graphics designed a Longines horse logo that is infused with warmth, elegance, grace, neutral colors, charm, decorum and finesse. The Longines horse logo narrates the passion and effort of the S&S Show Jumping Team that they put in their practice.

Line Art Equestrian Logo For Qatar Show Jumping Team