Stunning 100% Hand-Drawn Cowgirl and Horse Vector Logo Art

Feb 13, 2024

Located in a rural ranch community near Brewster, Minnesota, Stacey Christoffers Photography specializes in portraits featuring stunning cowgirl and horse imagery. She provides personalized heirloom quality albums and fine art portraits to decorate your home with the eye catching images she captures during each shoot. Stacey focuses her equine photography sessions on capturing the connection between horse and rider in a way that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Since her portfolio is overflowing with special images showcasing the bond between cowgirl and horse, we created her brand identity in the same light. From the moment you first see Stacey’s logo design, her specialty is immediately recognizable. We chose copper foil on a rich chocolate brown which will look stunning on a leather album and fits well within the western cowgirl lifestyle of the high school rodeo community.

Photographer's Love For Capturing Horse &Amp; Human Bond Illustrated In Custom Logo
Cowgirl Logo Design for Stacey Christoffers

A western cowgirl and horse logo design for Stacey Christoffers Photography

With cold winds and hot summers, in the rich typography and America’s great lake regions of Minnesota, nestles Stacey Christoffers Photography, which is taking complete advantage of the geology of the region to capture the special moments between a rider and its horse by offering professional photography services in the region. Minnesota is surrounded by water and lake borders, houses some of the most oldest rocks, prairie parkland, Mississippi river, eastern broadleaf forest, tallgrass aspen parkland, laurentian mixed forest, boreal forest and home of some gorgeous pines and trees, Minnesota is the 12th largest state and an ideal location for operating Stacey Christoffers Photography.

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Cowgirl and Horse logo design inspired by the portfolio of a Minnesota equine photographer

Stacey Christoffers is a professional equestrian photographer who has spent a considerable amount of time in the field to gain the necessary experience and knowledge. She has been capturing fine images of horses and their riders’ for personal or commercial use and has an extensive portfolio that can be viewed on her digital platform. Equine portraits or full body images, her photographs are unique, artistic, expressive and intimate, Stacey is taking some of the best shots in the equine industry.

Stacey possesses the talent, passion and skill to maintain the quality of her business and customize each experience for her clients; she has the patience and an eye for the perfect shot. Assessing the expressions and utilizing the perfect natural light, Stacey is able to seize the purest form of relationship between the cowgirl and horse. Growing up doing photography, was more than a phase for Stacey and her continuous practice to polish her skill has led her to becoming a recognized name in the equine photography industry. Stacey’s clients are like a family and over the years her community has grown to enjoy their time spent with Stacey on her facility and trust her skills and discipline. 

Special equine photography offerings to be treasured for a lifetime

Stacey Christoffers has divided per process into four basic steps; reserving the date and start working on the perfect outfits and choosing from the grooming tips, consulting with Stacey to review the products and take an overview of the process, the actual photoshoot and the eagerly awaited image reveal that is held after approximately 2 weeks of the photoshoot. Stacey Christoffers also provides multiple packages to fit her clients’ budget; Elite Fusion includes consultancy, photoshoot, image reveal, online gallery and a wooden photo proof box. Artwork includes the previous services and social media images whereas the Digital package has all the standard services. The Arena and Legacy packages are customized; including1 hour photoshoots and a printed wall for album photographs.

Gathering Ideas and Inspiration for this Cowgirl Logo Design

EQ Graphics imbued western culture into the typography of the cowgirl logo design for Stacey Christoffers Photography. The cowgirl and horse logo design is influenced by the impression of minimalism and an illustrated quality of line art that is popular in fine art photography.

The cowgirl and horse logo design is corresponding to the general aesthetics of Stacey’s website and the gallery of images showcasing the affectionate and sincere bond and relationship between the rider and the horse. The design and color palette is neutral and personal which reflects Stacey’s personality. This cowgirl and horse logo design is a manifestation of the vision, hard work and passion of Stacey that is responsible for the resulting shots that are surreal and fairytale-like look.

Equine Photographer's Logo Highlights Connection Between Cowgirl &Amp; Horse