25+ Stunning Brush Script Lettering Examples in Logo Design

Brush Script Font Examples

Brush Script Lettering

Brush script lettering is popular as a rough and loose font in the world of typography. It was first designed by an American in the early 40s for American type founders; a merger business trust works for foundries. This typeface has features of cool and fancy hand lettering, feels like brush ink writing. It comes in big strokes with full connecting letters that make it slightly hard to read if, in general, 11 point sizes, the spacing between the letters is like of calligraphy font. This typeface lies in the category of script typeface, and further, it is classified as a casual script font. It suits both all caps and lowercase styles.

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Different Ways To Use Brush Script Lettering

Brush script font usually portrays the funky look for your posters or your logo. The brush script lettering in lowercase looks much catchy if your logo is presenting a brand related to the audience of middle age, fun type. Brush script lettering normally goes best with the black font in sentence case. If you are presenting the whole document in this typeface, then try to build the headline in upper case and the rest of the body in lowercase .brush script lettering is used in designing covers, shop names, business names, for packaging of your band if your brand sounds stylish.

Where To Find Brush Script Lettering

In logo designing, the brush script font’s place is lately debatable because, in the middle of the 20th century, this typeface has been criticized because of the difficulty in reading. But that trend took a turn, and it came into the logo designs again. It usually complements the logos or postures of announcing an advertisement. For fun logos, it is the best writing typeface.

How To Design The Logo In Brush Script Lettering

Many online platforms are available if you are thinking of designing your logo in brush script lettering. For personal and regular use, they are available for free but on a commercial scale. You need to take permission from the author or copy the idea with their consent and give your designer for designing the logo in the same style and font. Your logo designer can guide you much about the recent place of this typeface in logo designing.

Different Classifications of Script Lettering

Brush script lettering alone is famous, but brush script MT is equally good in lettering, gives the same feel of loose moods and round edges of letters. The typeface has connecting links with formal script.

Brush Script Lettering Today

Numbers are styled in this lettering as well. They give a feel of casual brush writing. Today you can perform this writing with brush pens and calligraphy pens as well, by taking some classes for brush writing with experts in this field. As this writing typeface stands as a pioneer in scriptwriting so, this is still in trend and can be found easily on online platforms. We can find many authors who wrote encyclopedias on typefaces, and scriptwriting has its own special place in their books.

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