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Celtic Knot Logo Design Examples

Fun story… I couldn’t figure out how to draw a Celtic Knot to save my soul. The first time I incorporated a Celtic Knot into my horse art was in 2019 for the Cairdeas Horsemanship logo which you will see below. 

Our amazing customer, Erin, who owned Cairdeas Horsemanship, had a hobby of drawing Celtic Knots. She and I worked together on her logo… I drew the horse and the ‘placement’ for the Celtic design, and she created the Celtic Knotwork. We spent many hours on the phone and texting our ideas back and forth until we created something we both loved. She also helped me with Longfield and a couple other Celtic projects you’ll see below until I earned my wings. Erin, this section of my portfolio is dedicated to you my friend.


This logo showcases an intricate Celtic horse symbol, masterfully designed with intertwined knots, representing eternal life and strength. The detailed artwork captures the essence of Celtic tradition, ancient symbolism and Irish design.


Ancient Celtic artwork comes to life in this stylized Arabian horse design, featuring traditional Celtic patterns that evoke a sense of mystery and heritage. This image embodies the spirit of historical art and artistic prowess of the Celtic knotwork.


Elegant and majestic, this emblem combines Celtic knotwork to form the silhouette of a mare and foal, symbolizing grace and nobility. The seamless integration of classic design elements makes it a stunning representation of Celtic culture and equine beauty.


Dive into the mystical world of Celtic mythology with this illustration of a horse, inspired by ancient legends and folklore. The image captures the horse's ethereal beauty and strength, appealing to those fascinated by mythological creatures and Celtic art.


This bold logo depicts three horses influenced by a Celtic mythological theme, showcasing deep cultural significance. This logo was designed for a brand who wanted a symbol to represent strength, endurance, and mystical heritage.


This emblem marries elegance with majesty through Celtic knotwork forming a horse silhouette, symbolizing grace and nobility. It demonstrates the seamless integration of classic design elements, a testament to skilled craftsmanship in capturing Celtic culture.


An enchanted figure of a Celtic horse blends folklore with artistry, captivating with its magical presence. This piece illustrates the designer's fascination with Celtic mythology and skill in bringing mystical aspects of nature to life


Merging ancient art with modern style, this tribal sketch of a Celtic horse captures the essence of tradition and contemporary appeal.


A patterned Celtic horse design, showcasing classic knotwork, exemplifies mastery over intricate and traditional designs. It's a demonstration of the designer's skill in merging ancient culture with artistic expression.


This iconic horse, infused with Celtic symbolism, stands as a testament to the strength and endurance that ancient symbols can convey. It reflects a personal engagement with the timeless themes of Celtic art, exploring how ancient motifs can inspire contemporary artistic expression.


Explore the intricacy of Celtic tradition with an emblem where intertwined knots form a majestic horse, symbolizing a journey through ancient wisdom and the power of life's continuous flow. This piece mirrors a deep appreciation for the elegance and depth found in Celtic symbols, capturing a timeless connection between nature and artistry.


Delving into the rich tapestry of Celtic history, this artwork presents a stylized horse, adorned with traditional patterns. It's a visual homage to the enduring legacy of Celtic culture, weaving together the threads of the past with a personal passion for historical art and storytelling.


Ornamental details embellish this spiritual Celtic horse, creating a magical presence that seems to transcend time. This design is born from a fascination with the mystical bond between humans and horses in Celtic culture, showcasing a desire to explore the spiritual dimensions of ancient art


Inspired by the mystique of Celtic mythology, this illustration brings to life a horse that seems to gallop out of ancient legends. It represents a fascination with the otherworldly aspects of Celtic tales, expressed through a commitment to bringing mythical creatures into the contemporary imagination.


Combining the essence of tradition with a modern artistic approach, this tribal sketch of a Celtic horse captures the dynamic spirit of Celtic culture. It represents a personal artistic exploration, seeking to marry the rich heritage of ancient art with contemporary design sensibilities.


A mystical Celtic horse motif serves as a gateway to the spiritual world of Celtic traditions, revealing a personal fascination with the mythological. This design encapsulates a journey into the mystical, where ancient symbols and modern creativity meet to tell timeless stories.


This unique emblem blends ancient Celtic symbolism with a contemporary aesthetic, bridging the gap between history and modernity. It signifies a personal dedication to exploring how traditional symbols can be reinterpreted, creating new meanings while honoring ancient roots.


Classic knotwork patterns frame this Celtic horse design, highlighting an appreciation for the intricacy and craftsmanship of ancient art. It's a visual expression of a commitment to preserving the beauty of Celtic traditions, offering a modern homage to the artistry of the past.

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