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What’s Important in Equestrian Branding?

Branding can look vastly different from business to business across the equine industry. Lesson barns, equestrian camps, natural horsemanship clinicians, equine assisted therapy centers, and those catering to an audience that has youth members may want to take a more “warm and fuzzy” approach to their equestrian branding.

Ideal clients for these businesses often have a relationship with their horse (or the horses they interact with) that revolves largely around companionship, or they may be specifically seeking friendship and companionship in their interactions with horses. For these types of businesses, a custom logo design that depicts the horse and human bond can be an excellent addition to the company’s visual branding identity. Their customer avatar will immediately relate to the messaging within the business’ branding, which builds trust and assures potential customers that the business has the same values surrounding their relationship with their horses.

Breeders, trainers, brokers, and equine sports medicine practitioners often have a slightly different sort of client base than the former. The clients these businesses work with are often involved in competition of some sort, often at the higher levels. Although a great deal of trust is required for success in the show ring, the customer avatar in this sector of the industry often sees their horse(s) as a working partner.

Evoking emotion may not be as important in this style of equestrian branding, but a horse and human logo design can illustrate top level horse and rider teams to illustrate what can be achieved through working with the business. The original logo designs we create for our clients within this grouping come in a variety of styles, but each creates a professional aesthetic for the company’s equestrian branding. Potential clients can rest easy knowing that they and their horse are in the hands of someone who is an expert in their field.

How Does a Business Utilize Unique Equestrian Branding?

A custom logo design can help create a more cohesive aesthetic for your equestrian branding. Our stunning, hand-drawn logo designs are all one of a kind and infinitely more realistic than generic clip art designs. We help pair your line art custom logo with appropriate brand colors and fonts that work best with the styles of branded items you’re most interested in.

Embroidery is wildly popular in the world of equestrian branding. Embroidered horse blankets, jackets, down vests, baseball caps, and polo shirts allow you to display your custom logo design at horse shows, auctions, when visiting clients, and even out on the town. A unique logo catches the eyes of potential clients everywhere you go and inspires them to learn more about who you are and what you do-although our gorgeous vector style designs will give them a good idea at first glance. If you love embroidery, we can optimize your custom logo for that use so you can make the most of your equestrian branding.

Our vector style designs are created with resizing in mind. It’s easy to use your custom logo design on items large and small, with no worry about pixelation ruining the quality of the artwork. This means that every logo design EQ Graphics creates can take your equestrian branding from the side of a horse trailer to a business card with minimal effort.

The Future of Equestrian Branding

In earlier days, equestrian branding efforts were largely restricted to magazine ads and stall displays at horse shows, with branded apparel sneaking in from time to time. In today’s world, equestrian branding can be utilized in many styles of media.

Social media is becoming a preferred avenue for equestrian branding. In a world where everyone is “plugged in” at the tap of a finger on a smartphone screen, it’s important to take your equestrian branding to applications like Facebook and Instagram. Your unique logo design can be seen by thousands of eyes with just one “Instagram worthy” snapshot.

Making sure that you have a custom logo design that represents your equestrian branding in a fitting way is a superb way of advertising your business if you attend elite equestrian events like the All American Quarter Horse Congress where visitors can walk down the elaborately decorated “Stallion Avenue.” Your unique hand-drawn logo can be applied to your banners and stall drapes, as well as a number of creative novelty items.

When you have an eye-catching logo design and effective equestrian branding, everyone who meanders past your stabling area will want to stop and snap a picture which will then surely be shared on Facebook and Instagram stories. It’s as easy as that to advertise your business in today’s world!

Blogging is also becoming a popular medium for equestrian branding. Influencers have the advantage of improving their SEO as well as establishing themselves as a professional in the eyes of potential customers. If you enjoy writing and sharing trendy photographs, you may find that blogging is a useful tool in your equestrian branding portfolio.

Be sure to include your custom logo design in each post-the average consumer must see something 7 times to buy or remember it! Blogging can also be a wonderful way to form partnerships with colleagues and other businesses within the equine industry. These partnerships can lead to increased sales and referrals for both your business and your partner’s, and when equestrian businesses work together we all win.

How Can You Customize Your Equestrian Branding?

When it comes to the aesthetic of your equestrian branding, EQ Graphics can help customize your visual branding identity based on the ideas you discuss with us during your design consultation. Every aspect of your unique vector style logo design can be personalized, from the colors and fonts used to the type of artwork you prefer. We can pair a lilting signature style font with an exquisite design depicting a cowgirl embracing her beloved horse, or we can create a crisp monogram style design with artwork illustrating a bold hunter/jumper horse.

The artists at EQ Graphics can create a hand-lettered font that fits your equestrian branding aesthetic. Whether you like feminine script fonts or Old West style vintage typography, we have something for everyone.

The colors within your custom logo design can be customized as well. Gold and silver foil are popular choices for high-end brands. They create a luxury aesthetic for your equestrian branding and fit neatly with a variety of background colors. For Native American, boho, and western-style logo designs, copper foil can be a fitting choice. If you prefer a more colorful look for your equestrian branding, we can create a custom gradient for your unique logo design that blends several colors for an interesting visual effect.

Why Invest in a Custom Logo from EQ Graphics for Your Equestrian Branding?

Maybe you have searched the web for a graphic designer to create your custom logo design. Often a client comes to us after having worked with one (or more) graphic design companies that failed to design a logo that they were satisfied with. Generic graphic design firms do not generally have “real world” equine experience.

At EQ Graphics, we are equestrians too. We understand that you want the conformation of the horse in your logo artwork to have the correct conformation and breed type. We “get” that images of horses in motion (especially in competition settings) have an industry standard for timing. Details like legal tack and bits? We’ve got you. EVERY detail is accounted for in our classic line art designs.

The first step in commissioning your custom vector logo design is a brainstorming session with one of our professional logo artists. During this design consultation, we will go over every detail of the breed(s) you work with, the discipline you ride in, and what you want your custom logo to convey to viewers. You can scroll through our account on Instagram (@EqGraphics) for inspiration, and our artists will take into account which logo design styles you are most drawn to.

It’s important that your equestrian branding be personalized. Potential customers do not reach out to an anonymous company-they reach out to an individual that they feel they can relate to on some level. The more you infuse your custom logo design and equestrian branding efforts with your unique personality and passions, the more your customers will trust you and recognize you as a professional that has the solution to one of their problems.

That is, after all, the key to effective marketing. What can you do to help your ideal customer and their horse? What kind of problem can you solve for them? How can you make their life easier, or improve their relationship with their horse? When you sit down and think about the answers to these questions, you will find the key to effective equestrian branding. In fact, these are great questions to ask yourself before you speak with our professional artists for your design consultation.

You may have seen our “Living Logos” collection, filled with unique designs that are inspired by a horse that has made a difference in someone’s life and maybe in their business. Our artists create these original logo designs with inspiration from photographs that give them a clear picture of the physical characteristics and personality traits that make the horse an individual. We can do the same with human subjects!

A custom logo design is an investment, but a good design is timeless. We create every line art logo design with longevity in mind. Our designs are not created to conform with a yearly trend-they are designed to carry your equestrian brand forward into the foreseeable future. Although the initial investment may seem pricey, the return on that investment will be exponential in the long run.

We want to make effective equestrian branding affordable for businesses of every scale, so we always offer payment plan options to make the investment a little easier to handle. Don’t let money be a pain point when developing your custom logo to enhance your equestrian branding. It’s our mission to make sure that every equine business has the opportunity to have a one of a kind custom logo that they are proud to display wherever they go.

We work with clients from across the globe. Whether you are located in our hometown of Ocala, Florida, or across the ocean on the Emerald Isle, you can work with our artists to create a custom logo that fits your equestrian branding. All communication takes place via telephone and Zoom, so you can get the ball rolling even if you are sitting ringside at GLEF.

Just visit our “Get Started” page to schedule a design consultation with one of our professional graphic designers at absolutely no cost. We will handle the artwork while you handle your business. It’s easy, stress-free, and even fun!

We’re dedicated to providing excellent customer service to every client we work with, and your satisfaction is always guaranteed. We’ve been a trusted source for graphic design within the equine industry for over 10 years-you’re in good hands! Be sure to read the multitude of reviews that our customers have left for us over the years and follow @EqGraphics on Instagram.

Don’t delay. A fresh look for your equestrian branding is only one brainstorming session away, and everything can be completed from the comfort of your home, office, hotel room, or living quarters horse trailer.

If the horse and human bond is an especially important component within your equine business, we can help elevate your equestrian branding with a hand drawn custom logo design that is sure to reach out and touch your ideal client.

Whether you want the human figure in your company logo to retain an air of anonymity to represent your customer avatar or you want to make a recognizable appearance in the design, our artists will use your ideas to craft the perfect logo for your equestrian branding goals. No matter which of these styles you choose, the message will be clear-you value the partnership, love, trust, and kinship that equestrians share with their equine companions.

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