Feminine Logo Design Inspiration | 25+ New Ideas & Examples

Feminine Logo Design Examples

Feminine Logo Design Inspiration

An excellent logo is more than just a picture with a company name on it, it’s an integral part of your brand and a symbol that can help you build trust and communicate your company’s identity. Over the years, one type of logo that exudes elegance is a feminine logo design. Many may find an inevitable hardship brainstorming feminine logo design inspiration because it could be an extraordinary simple logo or require intricate details. The designer must gather inspiration from many elements and combine them all into a straightforward illustration. Below a few examples of feminine horse logo designs we’ve created for equestrians and equine businesses around the world.

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Feminie Logo Design Begins with Inspiration

Just like any horse logo design, feminine logo designs require brainstorming. In this process, it is crucial to put the business’ main object and aim in the spotlight and start brainstorming words. Suppose the client is searching for a logo for a horse or flower business. In that case, one could put the main object in focus as the design elements such as horses and flowers. The next question is whether the logo design aims to appear timeless and classical or if the objective is to make it appealing for the modern audience. In this case, one can either choose a timeless feminine logo or a modern, feminine logo.

The phrase “Less is more” perfectly describes the process of designing a modern and feminine logo.

Less is More – A Modern Approach to Feminine Logo Design

When talking about femininity, it often refers to non-complex and effortless pieces. In this case, it’s mostly the more essential details of the company that a logo designer aims to incorporate into the horse logo. Instead of adding non-relevant information into the logo and removing the focus from a specific element, the emphasis is instead put into the greater detail that seamlessly integrates into a feminine logo.

Feminine Logo Color Scheme

To achieve different kinds of logos, professional logo designers use various color schemes. For feminine logos, choosing the color scheme is vital since a neon yellow color would take away a lot of the feminine visual perception. Soft colors such as beige and pastels showcase the feminine and simplistic characteristics of the company. For example, pastel-colored flowers that complement each other effortlessly leave a touch of femininity in the overall logo look for a flower shop business.

Feminine Chic Fine Line Art

Line art is when an illustration only consists of lines without any hues or shadows. The use of only lines helps keep the logo simple, which is an attribute found in feminine logos. The shades and hues could risk taking the focus away from the feminine logo design and therefore averting the client’s stress from the main aim. Instead of using different elements that could turn away the focus from the delicate and intricate art in the logo, line art also conveys a hand-drawn effect adding a trace of luxury to the equestrian brand identity.

Trendy Boutique Feminine Logo Typography

Typography is the letters’ visual style and appearance, where a significant part of the success and artistic responsibility lies. The placement of the letters, emphasis, and fonts contributes to the bigger picture of the logo’s typography. Depending on the type of typography used, a logo can display different emotions and tones including chaos and madness or femininity and poise. A classic example of feminine typography is cursive style writing, which can be combined with other styles or fonts. However, using more than two fonts might risk the logo of being overwhelming or unappealing for the client. At EQ graphics, we make it a priority to combine a feminine equine logo design and cursive style with additional font eloquently.

At EQ Graphics, we work with the client’s personal needs, making sure that the impression the logo gives represents their equine brand identity.

Why Choose EQ Graphics for your Feminine Logo Design?

The official equine artists EQ Graphics specialize in designing unique and original custom vector logos for horse businesses around the world. Our entire company is dedicated to creating authentic luxury horse logos and branding for all types of equestrian entrepreneurs, while providing our customers with insightful marketing ideas and inspiration for growing your horse business. Whether your equine business is located in the United States or abroad, EQ’s hand-drawn line art and design styles are sought after internationally. Every detail from the fonts an artist chooses, to the colors of the final design are meticulously crafted to bring you the best possible brand identity.

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