25+ New Horse Silhouette Logo Design Examples by EQ Graphics

Silhouette Logo Design Examples

We use the term ‘Horse Silhouette’ when referring to logos that are solid filled, as opposed to line art logos which are hollow. Both design styles have pro’s and con’s. A silhouette logo design looks bold and striking from a distance and tends to stand out when embroidered. However, your ongoing embroidery costs will be considerably higher due to the additional thread count, and we can not get the same level of detail and 3-dimensional appearance in a silhouette logo design as we can with line art.

Line art is much more cost effective for embroidery and is also beautiful when foiled, but it has a more elegant appearance as opposed to the bold, masculine style of a silhouette. Both silhouette logos and line art logos are excellent choices and when we go through our personal design consultation with you, we are happy to brainstorm about your audience and your goals to ensure whichever art style you choose will result in a timeless brand identity that will stay with your business for a lifetime.

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