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Living Logo Design for Personal Branding

A Living Logo packs a bold punch when used in your equine business branding. Gaining the trust of potential (and current) clients is the first step in running a successful company. There’s no better way to earn the trust of an equestrian than showing them that you “get them.” You’ve experienced similar highs and lows, and you understand why they are immersed in their unique sector of the equine industry.

Your logo is proof that you’ve been in your clients’ shoes and you’re here to solve a problem or make their life easier in some way that only a fellow equestrian could understand. When you open up about your logo design with a client, you’re not only telling your story-you’re encouraging them to share their own story with you. This desire to see your customer as an individual instead of just a number on a ledger goes a long way in gaining trust and loyalty which in turn leads to referrals and increased sales.

Infuse Your Business Branding With Your Passions With A Living Logo

Are all the ideas you’ve had for your custom logo seeming to come up short? Clip art logo designs are cliche and often can look too similar to other logos in the same genre. When you choose to have EQ Graphics design a Living Logo for you, you ensure that no other business has a design quite like your hand-drawn vector style logo.

Since the inspiration behind your logo is your own horse, you can rest assured that no other company has a logo design like yours. None of our line art logos ever look the same, but our artists will use photographs of your muse to create a logo so realistic that the animal’s personality leaps off the page. Don’t rely on clip art to display your passions within your visual branding identity.

Who Should Be the Model for Your Custom Living Logo?

You’ve decided one of our Living Logo designs is the right choice for you and your business. How do you choose who the artwork will depict? You’re only limited by your own ideas.

Maybe you want your logo to be modeled after a childhood horse, the one that paved your way in the horse world. Without that horse, you might not be standing here today as an equestrian entrepreneur and business owner. Pay tribute to that special steed by incorporating them into your hand-drawn Living Logo.

Have you owned a horse that took you to the highest level of competition? Maybe that same horse helped build you into the professional you are today. Maybe your names will always be linked. Or, maybe you’ll just never forget the accomplishments you achieved together and want to immortalize that winning feeling with a custom logo design.

A Living Logo doesn’t have to contain solely a horse. You can be a part of your Living Logo design too! Many of our clients choose to emphasize the beauty of the horse and human connection by including an image of themselves in the logo artwork with their horse. Whether they’re sailing over a cross country jump or enjoying a quiet embrace when an equestrian chooses to be part of their logo it takes personal branding to a whole new level. What better way to put your face in front of your potential clients?

Are You Ready to Design Your Own Living Logo?

If you’re ready to get started on your own Living Logo, schedule your complimentary design consultation. During your brainstorming session, our professional graphic designers will go over your preferences for fonts, colors, and styles of logo art to make sure your Living Logo exceeds every expectation. We guarantee your satisfaction 100%. Visit us @EqGraphics on Instagram as well for inspiration!

For those of us fortunate enough to have found our “heart horse,” the bond we share is an ever present connection that stands the test of time. Our “Living Logos” portfolio is a tribute to the horses who make such a significant impact on our lives, we choose them to become the face of our brands. After all, for many of us, those special horses are the inspiration behind our entire business.

With a Living Logo, every time we zip up an embroidered jacket, throw on a branded saddle pad, or drive past our farm sign bearing the likeness of our horse who is “the one”, we will be reminded of our “why”. And that “why” is the reason we all are so passionate about our brands.

When our artists create a Living Logo we will ask you to provide as many reference photos as possible. For this, we will not need professional photography. In fact, sometimes the imperfect shots show your horse’s true character the best. We’re looking for the shape of their ears and nostrils, their overall build, and most importantly, the expression in your horse’s eye. Although our line art designs are simple, our goal with every “Living Logo,” is to create an unmistakable image of your horse that is instantly recognizable by all who had the privilege to know them.

We hope you enjoy a few examples from our Living Logos design portfolio and we would love to help transform your once-in-a-lifetime horse into your brand identity.

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