15+ Number Logo Design Examples for Numbered Business Names

Number Logo Design Examples

Many number logo design ideas are designed by talented designers every day, and some of them tend to stand out among the crowd. Some logos are entirely meaningful, but it depends on the imagination and creativity of the designer. We can mostly see the showcases of different types of logo designs. Still, specific logos are created by using numbers that have become quite popular and are appreciated by the public.

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Why we use a number logo design?

It can undoubtedly be a challenge to create a fair and effective logo, let alone only through typography. But when we talk about the numbers, getting down to the bare essentials can get the best and most brilliant outcome. We can take the example of the Formula 1 logo that is unique, original, simple, and relative. No fancy images and symbolisms are cluttered with it, whereas the brand identity is presented subtly.

When designing a number logo, you need a professional approach to aim for. There might be a business that may have a mythological relevance, while a company has a religious significance with the number logo that can’t be denied.

Artistically an ordinary logo can be transformed into something worth remembering. With the right colors, typeface, and background, one can make a number logo as powerful and memorable as most intricate designs around. The best thing about numbers is that one can understand them without reading the actual word.

Advantages of number logo design

A delicate blend of ideas, styles, uniqueness, and simplicity is the key to a successful horse logo design. It can be challenging to achieve this type of balance, but hard doesn’t mean impossible. Designers try to create memorable and on-point emblems that can attract specific audiences such as equestrians in the equine community. The number logo designs also require creativity and can have the following advantages.

  • Among the most significant advantages of the number logo designs are that they give a refreshing look to the customer’s eye. Unlike the graphics and letters, numbers are considered a new solution in the logo design. This is why a number logo can be a great way to stand out among the conservative competitors.
  • It is up to you what number you want to put on your logo. You can use a logo number that has personal significance or to your business. It is quite common that the entrepreneurs choose a number that they consider can bring success and luck in their region or country. One can also consider placing the lucky number on the emblem.
  • Some numbers are starting to look a lot like fonts or letters when written in a certain way. Using this method, you can reflect the essence of your brand by a visually-striking combination of numbers. This way, you can craft an original design and also make sure that the decoration must not come at the expense of legibility.

Number logo Design by EQ Graphics

One can make a memorable impact on your brand by choosing a custom state-of-the-art number logo designed by our experts. It has become a popular choice in branding to incorporate significance, and with EQ Graphics, your professional number logo design will be created. We will get all the requirements and details and revise until you are satisfied with the number logo design.

Why Choose EQ Graphics for your Number Logo Design?

The official equine artists EQ Graphics specialize in designing unique and original custom vector logos for horse businesses around the world. Our entire company is dedicated to creating authentic luxury horse logos and branding for all types of equestrian entrepreneurs, while providing our customers with insightful marketing ideas and inspiration for growing your horse business. Whether your equine business is located in the United States or abroad, EQ’s hand-drawn line art and design styles are sought after internationally. Every detail from the fonts an artist chooses, to the colors of the final design are meticulously crafted to bring you the best possible brand identity.

EQ Graphics offers a highly personalized custom logo design service for entrepreneurs and small businesses who are seeking a number logo design that is fully hand drawn without the use of clipart, stock or logo maker software. Our professional artists enjoy integrating letters and numbers into our logos art and the use of numbers in your business name adds fun and challenging twist for our designers. All of our number logo design ideas are original, and because our logos are drawn entirely by hand, no two logos ever look alike.

The inspiration for our number logo ideas comes from learning about your business, your audience and helping you craft a vision for your branding. We hope you enjoy a few examples from our number logo design portfolio and we would love to help you create or refresh your brand identity.

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