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One Line Logo Design Examples

One line logos represent a pure form of expression where each creation consists of only a single, continuous stroke. Drawing with one line strips down the essence of a subject—capturing its entrigue in the most minimal form.  I’ve found this style to be incredibly powerful for drawing horses. These logos embody elegance, fluidity, and a sense of motion, making them particularly well-suited for equestrian businesses that value sophistication and minimalism.

Seven-Porches-Dynamic Horse Continuous Line Drawing

A minimalist yet captivating one-line horse drawing, embodying simple elegance, perfect for sleek equestrian branding and logos.

Area36_One-Line Horse Drawing Vector

This continuous line equine art boasts a modern design, ideal for contemporary horse branding and innovative equestrian logos.

ES-Luxury-Equine-Elegant Horse Continuous Line Design

An elegant horse silhouette crafted from a single continuous line, offering a sophisticated option for equestrian logos and horse-themed branding.

Headwaters-Abstract Single Line Equestrian Logo-Horse-Logo-Design

A minimalist horse outline with a one-line sketch approach, providing a clean and subtle design for equestrian branding and logos.

Keepsake-Equestrian-Minimalist Horse Outline Art PNG

An abstract equine illustration rendered in a continuous line style, perfect for unique horse branding and creative equestrian logos.

Cellar-Farm-Single Line Horse Sketch Illustration

A sleek one-line horse design tailored for logos, showcasing the beauty and fluidity of equine form in a minimalist branding approach.

Finer-Hunter-Jumpers-Simple Horse Line Drawing SVG

Dynamic horse artwork captured in a single, flowing line, ideal for vibrant equestrian branding and lively horse logos.

Gallaghers-Water-Minimal Horse Drawing Line Art

One-line drawing exuding equestrian elegance, perfect for upscale horse branding and sophisticated equestrian logos.

Good-Fox-One-Line Fox Profile Graphic

A fluid fox silhouette in continuous line art, offering a versatile design for equestrian logos and modern horse branding.

Paloma-Equestrian-Minimal Equestrian Horse Line Logo

An elegant equine logo rendered in one-line art, perfect for luxury horse branding and sophisticated equestrian logos.

All-In-Minimalist Continuous Line Horse Art

One-line illustration showcasing equestrian grace, suited for elegant horse branding and logos with a touch of sophistication.

Leah-Lewis-Modernist Horse Line Drawing SVG

A minimalist one-line horse emblem, embodying elegance and simplicity for refined equestrian branding and logos.

JAAW-Equine_Continuous Line Horse Head Artwork-Logo

Contemporary horse line art with a sleek design, ideal for modern equestrian logos and horse branding that demands attention.

Lang-Equestrian-One-Line Horse Jumping Design Vector

An artistic equine silhouette crafted from a single continuous line, perfect for creative horse branding and distinctive equestrian logos.

Sparkly-Pony-Elegant Line Art Horse Jump Vector

An abstract horse design created with one line, ideal for innovative equestrian branding and logos seeking a creative edge.

BluSalt-Farm_Abstract Equestrian Line Art PNG

A modern horse outline depicted in continuous line art, offering a fresh perspective for equestrian branding and logos.

White-Star-Ranch-Modern Single Line Horse Sketch SVG

A modern equestrian emblem in one-line art, setting a contemporary tone for horse branding and innovative logos.

Lucky-Charm-Farm-Abstract Equestrian Line Sketch Vector

A dynamic equine silhouette in a single line, offering a lively option for horse branding and energetic equestrian logos.

PKL-Final-Details-Logo-Continuous Line Stallion Drawing

A simplistic horse drawing in continuous line, providing a minimalist design for equestrian branding and clean horse logos.

Syrianas-Song-Continuous Line Horse Portrait Art PNG

An elegant art piece featuring a horse profile in one-line, ideal for refined equestrian branding and upscale horse logos.

Harts-Equestrian-Elegant Equine One-Line Sketch

An innovative equine graphic designed with a single line, setting a modern tone for horse branding and equestrian logos.

Elegant One Line Art Hunter Horse Logo For Professional Braider
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