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Classic Serif Font Examples

Serif Font Examples

The classic serif font belongs to the Roman era from the 15th century to mid 18th. The classic font was known as old-style serif. Many of the popular fonts lay in classic serif fonts. Times, antique, Garamond, roman are some examples. Now, these fonts have been categorized as their own names. The traditional serif font was used in hand-written books as printing wasn’t a trend at that time. This font traveled from stone to paper and also beautified much.

The classic serif lettering was broad earlier and took too much space in letter-form. So an italic touch is introduced to cover less space on pages. Now both the types are equally famous in the logo and the typography world.

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The Diveristy of Serif Font Styling

Like all serif fonts, this font typeface also exists with some contrast between the letters. The difference between thin and thick lines in a letter makes it unique and beautiful. Less stressful on curving and vertical feet of the letters are usually thick. As font types are branched so, each type has its own characteristics with some similar features to the head. This font has symbolic recognition with newspapers and magazines because it was designed for them in old times. All the font examples discussed below are the best when dealing with the audience of newspaper articles and magazines.

The Humble Beginnings of Serif Font: Baskerville

As talking about serif font examples, Baskerville stands as a pioneer. Baskerville. The name comes from the typewriter who designed it first. It lies in the transitional serif because it has worked on stone and then paper, and now usually be seen in paper’s body text or welcome-notes of magazines. This serif font has the least contrast when in a larger size, but in lower case, a little differentiation can be seen between the letter’s vertical feet and curve around.

Serif Font Examples with Garamond

The second most prominent old-style serif font is Garamond. It is still popular because of its subtle and pointed ends of letters that make it easily readable in the lower case. The designers gave his name to this writing style; this font is one of the classic serif colleagues in old-times. With passing times, the beauty of this font hasn’t timed-out. It is still famous for classy logos.

The Popularized Times

The most straight font and classy at the same time is times. Times new roman is the new name for this. It was the text which got recognition through magazine covers and popular brands’ logos. It is the style of all classic serif fonts, but then with time, they took necessary turns. This is the most inflexible font in typographic history.

Serif Font Examples in Logos

When talking about logo designing, this font stands out as the classiest one. You can choose this font for your brands’ identity when and only when your product or service is something bold and related to the class. Logos in these font types are designed to be recognized for the long term. A contrasting font can be the best choice to stand out in a logo designing game.

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