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Formal Script Font Examples

Script Logo Fonts

One of the pioneers in handwritten calligraphy is scriptwriting. Basically, there are two types of script fonts. Formal and casual, both are elegant and classy. Earlier in the seventeenth century, three Georges started to write with calligraphy pens and quill nibs, and thus, formal script writing came into being. This is the reason it looks like a handwriting font type. Let’s dip into standard script fonts.

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What is Formal Script Font?

The Formal script is the Formal script font is the other name of stylishness. The Formal script is the type of script logo font in which there is a vibe of free handwriting with communication strokes. This logo font has some versatile characteristics that can be used for decorative purposes, wedding invitations, party announcements, and valentine’s greeting cards. Yes, it can present your brand if it’s a funky type.

Important Tips To Keep In Mind For Script Logo Fonts

Keep it as it is:

One of the reasons formal script writing is called a sophisticated calligraphy mode is that the fonts are not in all caps and never try to do that. This beautiful handwriting looks appealing in its original, refined form. If you try to change it will lose its main feel. This handwriting is intended to use in all lowercase and with a particular distance between the lettering. Somewhere the connectivity strokes beautify the overall look, and somewhere, the letters look brilliant as standing isolated.

Loose vibrant feel:

If your brand audience is targeted towards the corporate sector, then there is no use of this handwriting. Yes, this is designed for loose moods means when you want to communicate with happy go lucky type audience. This font type looks excellent in the smaller sizes and not in announcing headers. This font type will look good in logos and headlines only; then, for giving a different feel, you can change the writing style of your text to denoting a meaning of professional designing.

Color selection:

This handwriting will complement all the primary colors but using formal script font for logotype in black color with a blank background is the rightmost choice.

Script Logo Fonts Place In Today’s Businesses

Formal scriptwriting has its place in today’s logo designing a world as it was earlier. The main reason is that it gives a complimentary feel to your logo and addresses your type’s audience, which means a classified targeted audience. Although many tails have been split in this type, the formal writings’ main feel is that sophisticated loose handwriting feels that will catch you in every division.

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