50+ Stunning Western Font Styles with Hand-Drawn Vector Art

Western Font Examples

Western Font Styles

Western font referring to the European side by its name is the font type that is unusually seen in logos. They have specific styling for some particular posters or very distinctive logos. If you are a fan of antiques or your brand portrays a message of old-style, this font is designed. Although this font is not in trend anymore because of its specific nature, this font can be seen in old dusty posters of wanted or old bleeding font styles. Many trying websites are available online so that you can have an idea about your logo design or poster design.

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The Diversity of Western Font Styles

Uses in:

This font style uses in wild tattoos, fancy and tamed posters, harsh, to address the fearless audience, cowboy advertisements, and distressed flyers and posters of wanted announcements.


The western font style comes in with all capital letters and numerals. The letters are weighty and give a pronounced feel with fish-tail ends at the letter’s vertical feet. The notes used to be shady, graphy, and double-lined. A single letter has curved outcomings in the middle of the letter, making it look wild and non-fancy. Marlboro and cowboy are the styled examples of this font.


This font style has diverted its writing style into many of the typefaces, which are still famous and trendy if you want to allocate your brands’ logo in a western feel. Some of the most similar-looking typefaces are discussed below.

Western Font Styles with Cowboy Typefaces

This typeface is famous among funky vintage logo designers. If you want to create your brand, which is vintage and classy, this is the font you have been looking for. It is available in catchy colors and in several glyphs. It is easily can be seen in cowboy posters, movie posters, vintage cars, and exhibition flyers.


This typeface can be used to populate the adventurous sites’ advertisements and old revolver sell posters. This typeface comes in all uppercase letters, numerals, and punctuation. This font type has all the features of western type fonts. Bold and strong characters are easily readable and shout strong.

Western Grit

Western grit is the typeface of the western font style. It usually has a curved baseline. The start of the logo has bold and big letters, and in the middle, it is in small size and returns in big letters at the need of the curvy logo. This font has a watermark feel when used for classy advertisements. This typeface is the oldest typeface when talking about colors. It usually suits with black and white font only. Shady and hollow fonts are also categorized in this typeface.

Are Western Font Styles and Typefaces For You?

Western font styles have western country vibes, which makes it feel handwritten or painted. The letters are big and cover a larger area. One of the ideal things is that it doesn’t come up with lower caps and sentence cases. If you want to present your logo in this font or in its typefaces, your brand must have old dusty, rusty vintage looks.

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