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Tail Spin Bracelets Logo

Jan 3, 2024

Best friends Kim and Terri of Tail Spin Bracelets have crafted over 75,000 pieces of keepsake horse hair jewelry for equestrians all over the world since starting their business in 2009. Their gorgeous bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and key chains give horse lovers the chance to carry a piece of their beloved equine partner with them wherever they go, forever. 

The custom logo that we designed for Tail Spin Bracelets depicts a touching horse and girl silhouette. Pressing a kiss to the horse’s nose with a gentle hand on his cheek displaying several bracelets, this stunning design illustrates a sentimental moment all horse lovers have experienced time and again. Modern western typography adds to the cowgirl aesthetic of the logo while imparting a slight dreamy feel.

Jewelry Company's Logo Brings Special Memories To Mind For Horse Lovers

Western Style Horse and Girl Silhouette Logo for Keepsake Horse Hair Jewelry Company 

Kim and Terri, two horse loving best friends from California, started their business in 2009. The inspiration behind their decision to venture into the world of custom jewelry making hinges on their own love for and memories of cherished equine partners they have both owned through the years. They set out to design wearable art for equestrians that would allow them to keep a piece of their beloved horse with them forever. 

The company specializes in creating a variety of jewelry using the tail hair of a buyer’s special horse. Intertwined like the lives of each horse and rider whose story they tell with every handmade design, an ordinary snippet of the horse’s tail becomes a work of art in Kim and Terri’s hands. The strands of hair are woven into a variety of beautiful pieces of jewelry, from bracelets to necklaces. A number of charms in a variety of styles  are available to add to the unique aesthetic of each custom piece. Buyers can add western style crosses, engraved charms, and more to make their keepsake jewelry truly their own. The horse and girl silhouette we designed for their logo is as unique as each piece of horsehair jewelry they craft.

Horse and Girl Silhouette Creates Sentimental Scene on Jewelry Company’s Custom Logo

Since we’re equestrians ourselves, creating this uniquehorse and girl silhouette logo sent our artist on a trip down memory lane. Horses live, on average, thirty years. During a horse’s long lifespan, their lives become intricately interwoven with ours much like the jewelry Kim and Terri design. Our lives revolve around their care and training-every non-equine activity is scheduled around our horses’ daily routines. Creatures of habit, horses thrive on consistency. If you don’t believe it, visit any barn around feed time when the staff is running a little behind schedule-the horses will find a way to announce that you’re late! 

Many memories are created throughout a horse and rider’s time together. Maybe it’s the first time you felt comfortable enough to canter across a field together, or your first blue ribbon as a team. Or, perhaps it’s the moments spent crying into their mane because of a shattered relationship, loss of a loved one, or any number of life’s challenges. 

Most horse lovers across all sorts of riding styles will always remember the moment shown by this horse and girl silhouette design. Dropping a kiss on the horse’s velvety muzzle with her hand gently cradling his cheek, horse and human fix each other with a trusting gaze. These are the memories that will wash over Tail Spin’s jewelry buyers every time they slip on their handmade piece. We added a sprinkle of visual branding to their customhorse and girl silhouette logo with the addition of a likeness of the company’s bracelets on the girl’s wrist. 

Handmade Equestrian Jewelry Business’ Custom Logo Featuring Horse and Girl Silhouette

Our vector style art was the perfect choice for the many ways Tail Spin’s originalhorse and girl silhouette logo would be used. The design looks equally stunning at any size and in a variety of colors. It’s a pretty addition to order packaging, watermarks for social media posts, business cards, website use, and more. Although modern western style fonts lend a slight cowgirl aesthetic to the design with a perfect blend of western typography, Tail Spin’s custom logo was designed to appeal to equestrians across all disciplines and across the globe. From a business standpoint, the sentimental design is sure to tug on consumers’ heart strings and direct them to the company website to order their own keepsake jewelry to celebrate a beloved horse. 

Horse and Girl Silhouette Logo Started With Business Owner’s Vision

The first step Kim and Terri made toward elevating their branding with a custom logo was reaching out to us for a complimentary design consultation. During their call, our graphic designer took the time to learn all about the ladies and their brand-why what they do is important to them. These ideas led to the emotion filled design you see here, a treasured moment captured in time. We would love to be a part of your brand and help you make your mark in the equestrian community. No matter what your mission and goals are, we can help illustrate it. Visit to schedule your complimentary design consultation today.

Keepsake Jewelry Business' Touching Horse And Girl Logo