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Tanglao Carriage Driving Logo

Feb 12, 2024

Tanglao Carriage Driving in Lexington, VA is a premier carriage driving company that serves Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania. In addition to offering tours and wedding services, founder, Jessica Buchanan, competes nationally in the rapidly growing sport of combined driving and driving dressage with her stunning pair of Friesian x Saddlebreds. We focused on Jessica’s passion for combined driving with this horse and buggy logo design and drew inspiration from the conformation of her Friesian x Saddlebred mare bending around the custom drawn letter “T” in harness. Jessica’s logo is recognized throughout the combined driving community due to its unique nature and the accuracy of the portrayal of her beautiful driving pair.

Hand Lettered Horse And Buggy Logo-Detailed And Stunning!
Gold Foil logo design for Tanglao Carriage Driving

Unique horse and buggy logo for Tanglao Carriage Driving in Lexington, Virginia

Tanglao Carriage Driving has a team of seasoned coach drivers and impeccably groomed horses that guarantee a flawless and incomparable experience to its clients. Graduated with a traditional HA Certification, Jessica Buchanan Tanglao has grown up with horses and has a career spanning over 10 years in the carriage industry. Since 2012, she has branched out into grooming and working with pleasure horses and has learned from recognized drivers in the USA and Europe.

Tanglao Carriage Driving is offering carriage driving services for your wedding day, a romantic getaway, celebrations, dinners, proms, dances, proposals, parties, reunions and parades. The highly professional drivers and well trained driving horses are dressed in keeping with the occasion and provide entertainment according to the event. Tanglao Carriage Driving has four carriages and wagonettes currently, all of them are convertibles, elegant with a Vis a Vis style and imported from Europe. 
Click here to learn more about Tanglao Carriage Driving: https://www.tcarriage.com/

Friesian x Saddlebreds are the perfect cross for Carriage Driving

Tanglao Carriage Driving is presently working with Friesian x Saddlebreds and the horses are on the borderline of old fashion and have baroque bodies created specifically for dressage, carriage, driving and jumping and they are often referred to as pleasure horses. The breed has many colors and sizes, selected and recruited based on their successful performance history and careers, the horses are friendly, sociable, obliging, cordial and tolerant, having long and feathery manes. The team of Tanglao Carriage Driving encourages its clients to interact, bond, pet and feed the horses to ensure a memorable and distinctive experience, which is something our artists wanted to ensure came through in this creative letter T horse and buggy logo.

Recognized by the Friesian Heritage Horse International Registry

Awarded by the Friesian Heritage Horse and Sporthorse International Registry, Tanglao Carriage Driving strives to maintain their quality and get better with every new experience, they take exceptional care of their horses whereas they have a professional veterinary team on standby and they welcome their clients to visit their stables and the facility.

Nurturing a love for horses within the community shines through in this horse and buggy logo.

Having a limited space and a huge community, getting connected and visiting the stables of Tanglao can take time, hence for availing their boarding, training and sales services, booking a visit beforehand is advised. They do not have any horses on sale currently but they provide their expertise in selling the horses of their clients, providing them with carriage and harness on consignment. Based on the circumstances, Tanglao Carriage Driving has drivers and equipment in the USA and Europe, their expert Jess has a comprehensive experience in importing stallions, gelding, mares and assisting its clients with selling their own horses. Providing versatile services, their knowledge and skill, the Tanglao Carriage Driving has built a reputation for offering a superior experience.

Designing a Horse and Buggy Logo for Tanglao Carriage Driving

EQ Graphics has designed an elegant horse and buggy logo that is restrained yet prominent. It exhibits harmony, balance, authority and commands the attention of the audience with elegance and grace. The black silhouette juxtaposed with traditional typography pops out as unique, inspiring and definitive. It highlights the premium services, trained horses and the seasoned team of Tanglao Carriage Driving.

The horse and buggy logo translates the collective understanding and coherence between the skillful people running this carriage driving business. The color palette of the horse and buggy logo is black and gold, two forces in a state of equilibrium depicting Tanglaos’ sustainability and experience. This artistic logo by EQ Graphics is melding golf foil, line art and traditional silhouettes with stylized script to create a horse and buggy logo that narrates the story of Tanglao Carriage Driving services in the picturesque beauty of Virginia.

Small Horse And Buggy Logo For Tanglao Carriage Driving

“Thank you EQ Graphics!!! Working with you has been amazing!! I got my new logo so fast and I couldn’t have dreamed for anything more beautiful. I’m most amazed at how you captured the detail of my Friesian x Saddlebred mare, Savannah’s, face in this logo! Incredible!!!“

Lively Horse And Buggy Logo Showcases Friesian X Saddlebred Team