100% Original | Stunning Infinity Logo Design with Gypsy Cob

Feb 14, 2024

“Gypsy gold does not chink & glitter, it gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark”
~Gypsy Saying

When it comes to the horse world, few breeds can captivate an audience like Gypsy Cobs. First introduced in the USA by Gypsy Gold, in Ocala, Florida, Gypsy Vanners have garnered a following of feathered horse enthusiasts in America and around the globe. The infinite love women have for these gentle giants is what inspired this infinity logo design for Tao Park. 

Not only is Tao Park a breeder, specializing in silver dapple Gypsy Cobs, they also use this kind and gentle breed as the cornerstone of their Equine Facilitated Learning program in Australia. The infinite bond between horse and human is something many of us strive for and some are fortunate enough to experience. This logo was designed to showcase the passion between women and horses, regardless of breed or discipline. 

Gorgeous Copper Foil Infinity Symbol Logo For Gypsy Cob Breeder

A feminine Infinity Logo Design for Tao Park

Tao Parks are breeders and they specialize in Equine-assisted therapy that is currently working and residing in Australia. Mostly semi-arid and desert, Australia has a diverse range of habitats and is heavily influenced by the ocean currents of the Indian Ocean Dipole and the El Nino – Southern Oscillation. With the continent’s great age, it has variable weather patterns, alpine heaths, and tropical forests. The forests are populated with evergreen plants; eucalyptus and wattles.

Sometimes considered the largest island, Australia includes many landscapes such as mountain ranges, islands, and the Coral Sea that make the continent unique and beautiful. The continent actively takes part in recreational activities, participating in the Olympics often making the place perfect for disciplines such as Equine Assisted Therapy.

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The History of Gypsy Horses

Tao Park mostly works with Gypsy horses; they are trainable and manageable making them ideal for equine assisted therapy. Used to pull vardoes of Romanchial Travellers in Great Britain, characteristics of a Gypsy horse made it a top choice for pulling carts, caravans, trolleys and work vehicles. The modern horse became popular in the general public after the Second World War, they have been considered valuable status symbols, and Gypsy horses are utilized in shows, therapy and traditional horse fairs.

Introduced in Appleby Horse Fair and Ohio State Fair, Gypsy horses are used by amateurs as well as professional riders for recreational sports in the USA. Registered under the United States Dressage Foundation, members of this breed have appeared in photographs and Netflix series.

The horses can be piebald, skewbald and come in solid colors with white splashing. Decorative features include feathering and long hairs on the legs, Gypsy horses have a straight facial profile, flat and broad forehead, a muscular and strong neck, deep throat latch, well-muscled chest, strong hindquarters and distinct gaits. Previously associated with Ireland and British Isles, Gypsy horses are strong and solid built horses of cob conformation, they are also known as Traditional Gypsy Cob, Irish Cob or Gypsy Vanner and they first exported after second world war hence they come from a rich background of traditions and many cultures ingrained in them.

Tao Park and Equine Assisted Therapy

Involving a range of treatments, Equine Assisted Therapy is a new frontier in the equestrian industry that introduces activities with horses to improve a human’s mental and physical health. The interaction with the horse is individualized depending upon the need, including cognitive and emotional issues. It includes Therapeutic Horseback Riding, Hippotherapy, Equine Assisted Learning, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, Interactive vaulting, Therapeutic Carriage Driving, and other activities that have certified instructors and health professionals that ensure a positive experience. This form of therapy has proven to benefit people in many ways such as improving posture and other orthopedic dysfunctions such as scoliosis and neurological disorders.

Finding Inspiration and Equine Ideas for this Infinity Logo Design

EQ Graphics has created an infinity logo design for Tao Park that is classy and feminine in nature. The design highlights the natural and supple qualities of the horses which make them distinguishable, simultaneously it is showing power and strength. The infinity logo design is flowing effortlessly which translates the temperament of the horse as being trainable, calm, and manageable; a good partner for any rider. The feminine quality of the infinity logo design is gentle, tractable, and simple with a sensible disposition.

It is informing strength through symmetry, tranquility, and harmony while defining beauty and boldness in a more unique manner that is inspired by a Gypsy horse. The infinity logo design is progressive punctuated with a touch of wilderness that is associated with the origin of the horse, giving the infinity logo design for Tao Park a more organic, original, and authentic look.

Stunning Infinity Logo Design For Gypsy Cob Horse Breeder