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Eagle Ridge Equine Logo

Feb 15, 2024

Jeremiah Kemp of Eagle Ridge Equine in Burlington, Vermont, brings over fifteen years of experience in the farrier business to horses and their owners across the country. A lifelong student of the art of farriery, Jeremiah is committed to participating in continuing education and clinics so that he can stay abreast of the newest techniques, research, and products to best serve his clients. Eagle Ridge Equine offers traditional services as well as therapeutic, holistic, and composite hoof care.

Jeremiah wanted a fresh, unique look for his farrier business cards. Our artists created an abstract, tribal line art eagle and horse hoof drawing logo design that fit Jeremiah’s personality and branding for his business. We prominently displayed a portion of the business name in a classic serif, but included the remainder in an edgy font that matches the aesthetic of the tribal eagle design. The finished custom logo is a revolutionary design that aptly represents the innovative nature of Eagle Ridge Equine’s work in the farrier industry.

Edgy Flying Eagle Logo Design For Professional Sporthorse Farrier

Unique Farrier Business Cards for Innovative Vermont Farrier

Jeremiah Kemp, owner of Eagle Ride Equine, is an Accredited Professional Farrier with the American Association of Professional Farriers as well as a member of the American Farriers Association, Equine Lameness Prevention Organization, and Land of Lincoln Horseshoer’s Association. He has a lifelong commitment to learning, having studied both American and European farrier techniques. Jeremiah has also studied, barefoot, metal, and composite shoeing methods. Jeremiah is especially interested in equine orthotics and using these applications to treat horses with gait faults, clubbed hoof, and other issues.

Each year he makes a goal of attending a number of clinics, lectures, and summits so that he can stay abreast of the newest technology, research, and techniques in the hoof care industry. He enjoys attending the International Hoof Care Summit and Florida Association of Hoof Care Practitioners convention on a yearly basis, and feels that building relationships with other farriers, veterinarians, and equine professionals is imperative to the overall well being of both horse and rider.

Within his business, Jeremiah takes a whole horse approach to hoof care. While many farriers focus only on the hoof and lower leg, Jeremiah takes into account the horse’s unique conformation and other health or lameness issues before arriving at a hoof care plan. He works closely with the horse’s veterinarian, trainer, rider, and sometimes other farriers to create a plan of treatment that will have the horse back on the road to recovery and peak performance. 

Aside from basic hoof care tasks such as trimming, balancing, and shoeing, Eagle Ridge Equine is equipped to help horse owners with more advanced issues like laminitis recovery, limb length disparity, or managing the hoof care of horses with metabolic issues like Cushing’s Disease who may be prone to certain hoof problems. 

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Custom Farrier Business Cards for Farrier Practicing Equine Orthotics and Composite Horseshoeing

Jeremiah Kemp of Vermont’s Eagle Ridge Equine has a specific interest in equine orthotics. Mainly dealing with sport horses, Jeremiah sees a number of soft tissue injuries as well as limb-length disparities, clubbed hoof, pelvic rotation, dropped scapula, body discomfort, and gait faults. He uses a variety of orthotic applications to help horses overcome this condition so that they can not only live a comfortable day to day life and/or perform to the best of their ability in the show ring.

One application of equine orthotics that many horses can benefit from is temporary memory foam pads. These pads are custom cut to fit the horse’s foot and can provide great relief to a horse with sore feet due to a heavy workload or an emergency laminitis situation. 

Composite farrier work is another of Jeremiah’s specialties. Composite horseshoes are used on horses that need added support due to lameness or other hoof problems. They are also beneficial for horses that work on concrete for extended periods of time such as carriage and police horses due to their ability to act as shock absorbers. This paired with their light weight also makes composite shoes popular with endurance riders. These innovative shoes can save quite a bit of wear and tear on horses’ joints over time with proper use.

Unique, Edgy Farrier Business Cards With Tribal Eagle Design

Our artists’ goal for Jeremiah’s custom logo was a masculine design that could be used to create innovative farrier business cards. These unique farrier business cards would stand out from the ordinary designs and be representative of the innovative, cutting edge technology and methods Eagle Ridge Equine employs in their work with equestrians and their sport horses

For these customfarrier business cards, we created an edgy tribal eagle design that depicts a rugged eagle with wings outstretched and the image of a horse’s hoof contained within its body. We used two hand lettered serif fonts for the company name. “Eagle Ridge” was lettered in a classic serif, and “Equine” was lettered in a serif that has a more rebellious, freedom seeking feel-the lettering is reminiscent of a tattoo or a motorcycle club aesthetic. We created this vector style design in black so that it could be placed on items likefarrier business cards in a variety of colors.

This bold line art logo not only helps create one of a kind farrier business cards, it brings personalized branding to t-shirts, decals, banners, and more. At EQ Graphics there’s no limit to what we can create to represent your ideas surrounding a custom logo design for your equine business. Our line art logos encompass a multitude of styles, from traditional and elegant to modern bohemian and beyond. To get started on a custom logo design forfarrier business cards of your own, just visit to schedule your complimentary design consultation with one of our professional graphic designers. Be sure to check us out on Instagram @EqGraphics as well-there you’ll find logo ideas and even tattoo inspiration!

One Of A Kind Tribal Eagle Farrier Business Cards