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WOW, could not choose a better person to work with for a logo. This was my first time getting a logo made and I was so nervous. I didn’t know anything about logo processes and was so worried I wouldn’t like what was made but would be stuck with it. Not the case with EQ Graphics! not only was Jackie super easy to talk to on our phone consult she was so understanding when I asked for some changes and even for a whole new logo. she first created a logo based on ideas from our conversation, and I could see she took those ideas to heart and made me a logo to match, but it didn’t feel right to me.

I could see it was a really good logo but it didn’t feel right for my business, she was so nice and understanding and even had a feeling it wouldn’t be right but gave it to me anyways because it was what I asked for originally, but she quickly worked up something else she had in her mind that was slightly different but still had a few components from the phone call and I loved it with a few small revisions. I was so nervous I was being too picky or annoying, but Jackie assured me all she wanted was for me to love it and get as many changes as needed.

If I were to give one slight downside- start to finish this logo took 3 months, but in that time she made me 2 logos with revisions along with all her other clients. I know she’s in high demand and I can absolutely see why. Be patient and you will not regret getting a logo by her. Also David is super fast at responding to emails, that was refreshing and appreciated!

Elizabeth Glass

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