Horsélia Bien-être Équin   | Custom Horse Logos by Eq Graphics

Horsélia Bien-être Équin

Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics | Horselia Bien Etre Equin Logo

I am extremely happy to have used EQ Graphics! I couldn’t have imagined someone else designing my logo.

Being French, the language barrier complicated things a bit… our exchanges could only be done by email. However, this did not prevent Jackie from understanding my request and the emotions I wanted my logo to convey.

It was difficult because I could not afford to put certain postures of the horse, or evoke any discipline etc. She worked very hard (even at night and I apologize) on my logo and I am infinitely grateful to her for doing all that she could do for me!

She managed to find the necessary energy and inspiration through all our exchanges to make her work of art! This logo was my dream! So when Jackie sent me the last draft of this one I was super happy! I was crying! Because it was exactly the logo I wanted, the one that represents me and it had become reality!

This logo is much more than an image, it has great sentimental value, it is my life journey, it is the face of my company, it is the transmission of a message and it is especially my performance!

I recommend 10,000% EQ Graphics! For the originality and quality of the design, for the help and advice, for their incredible customer service throughout the process! As well as for the description of each file. There is no better way to create such works of art in the world of the horse with beautiful emotions and messages that convey it!

Thanks to David for having communicated as well as possible with me from the beginning and until the end of this magnificent adventure!

Again, thank you very much Jackie for your magic and your talent!

I will not hesitate to call on you again if needed.

Kathy Boulho

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