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Jacksonville Equestrian Center

Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics

“If you want the highest possible quality and attention to every minuet detail, then EQGraphics is your company. You absolutely can’t go wrong. They will work and work and work until you are satisfied with the product you’re receiving…

As the new management group at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center, the Northeast Florida Equestrian Society was striving for a new identity to rebrand our center. EQGraphics gave us the exact avenue and boost that we needed. Did we mention boost? David, Jackie and staff worked around the clock to meet some extremely tight deadlines so our website could go live on the day we assumed management.

Their team worked nonstop (literally 24/7) with our staff to develop an incredible logo that honors Jacksonville residents and will identify our equestrian center as a premier destination in the Southeast. All others in our industry should take notice at the outstanding service, creativity and end result that EQGraphics provides customers.

A tip of the hat to Jackie, David and the EQGraphics Staff from the NFES and the patrons of the Jacksonville Equestrian Center for our exceptional new logo and website.“

Penny Gorton

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