Inspiring 100% Original Western Friesian and Cowboy Art Logo

Feb 13, 2024

The Journey Horse is an Equine assisted therapy center that utilizes Western Friesian horses in their unique Colorado based program. The team at The Journey Horse is knowledgeable, professional and well versed in the area of Equine Assisted Therapy The design style of this western Friesian logo is contemporary, inspirational and grounded. The logo embodies the concept of a harmonious relationship between horse and cowboy, delivering security, an open channel of communication, trust, faith, protection and confidence.

Bond Between Horse And Human Comes To Life In Stunning Western Friesian Horse Logo

A Western Friesian Logo for The Journey Horse

Originating from the Netherlands, Friesian horses resemble light draught horses whereas Friesian horses have been once in great demand for war during ancient times to carry a knight in armor. The modern Friesian Horse is growing in popularity, recently being used in harness, under saddle and dressage. The Friesian Breed is characterized mainly by its luxurious black or chestnut coat, the horses are powerful and are sometimes referred to as having ‘Baroque’ bodies, they can be mares or geldings. The anatomical features include sloping shoulders, compact muscles, arched necks, well – chiseled head, strong hind quarters, short – eared, a thick mane, low set tails and silky hair on their lower legs that are left untrimmed.

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The Friesian breed is docile, active, spirited, determined but also gentle, pleasant, considerate and comfortable to work with. Between the distinct types; classical Friesian and the modern sport horse, both genres carry themselves gracefully and are also popular in the show ring. The Friesians are well known for recreational purposes rather than agriculture, either singly or in the form of teams and their coordinated movements make them the perfect choice for equine assisted therapy at the Journey Horse.

Friesians excel in Western disciplines and their gentle nature adds versatility

Dating back to Greeks, equine assisted therapy is also known as equine assisted psychotherapy or horse therapy and it utilizes an experiential treatment to improve the mental and associated physical health of the person. Although the initial purpose of this therapy was to help riders with disabilities, it grew out and extended into providing services in improving the structural and mental health of its clients. The techniques are used to diagnose and treat symptoms of PTSD, behavioral tics, symptoms of depression, issues related to balance and posture, coordination is children with cerebral palsy and it also improves cognitive skills and helps in reducing anxiety.

The therapeutic connection with Friesian Horses

The therapy usually involves a physiotherapist or a horse trainer operating through horses or ponies depending upon the client and diagnosis. Western Friesian horses are chosen because they are tolerant, they have will power and they can withstand pressure, making their interaction comfortable and predictable. The horses usually pick up on human emotions naturally by understanding their expressions, the healing starts when the horse mirrors the human emotion without any judgement. Equine assisted therapy is incorporated in the treatment of ADHD, substance abuse, autism, Asperger’s, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress, bipolar disorder and depression.

Equine Assisted Therapy Western Friesian Logo Design Inspiration

EQ Graphics has taken a modern approach that is highlighting the history of equine assisted therapy and its benefits in the western friesian logo design for the Journey ranch. The horse art for this logo is inspired by the techniques and textures of line art being integrated in the stylized cowboy horse art. The logo design for the Journey ranch is inspired by the immediate actions taken to facilitate trauma survivors and sustain people with disabilities hence maintaining the general healthy environment of the community. The western friesian logo personifies the commitment and passion of the team at the Journey Horse.

Inspiring Western Friesian Horse Logo