100% Custom Lavender Flower Logo Design Ideas & Inspiration

Feb 13, 2024

The Lavender Equestrian is a beautiful boutique hunter barn located near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The farm and the horses exude a sense of peace and tranquility when visiting their inviting and welcoming atmosphere. Lavender is grown on the property and fresh floral arrangements and hanging baskets add to the charm of this already picture perfect barn.

The Lavender Equestrian asked for a design that would incorporate the look and color of a lavender flower logo in a way that was holistic, feminine and elegant, while also remaining minimalistic, modern and professional. We achieved this by using the typography for the placement of the lavender flowers and the two shades of purple compliment the sage green leaves while keeping just the right amount of grey color tonality in the purple to ensure this logo remained a professional and memorable brand identity.

Line Art Horse Logo Design With Lavender Sprigs And Farm Photography Showcasing Lavender Fields
Feminine logo design for The Lavender Equestrian

A Feminine and Minimalistic Lavender Flower Logo Idea for The Lavender Equestrian

The Lavender Equestrian is a horse boarding business, especially for Warmbloods. Horse boarding aims to provide horses with their essential needs and care by providing a clean stall for each horse and feeding them. Depending on different horse boarding businesses, various packages are available with additional offers.

Warmbloods are breeds from Europe and are mainly bred for equestrian events such as show jumping and for performing dressage. There are 3 types of horses; Hot bloods, Warmbloods, and Cold bloods. All three have specific characteristics that distinguish them from each other and make them useful for different parts of the equine world.

The term Warmblood is a term that covers the many breeds originating from Europe, such as the Oldenburg and the Dutch Warmblood. The term Hotblood is mostly used for breeds used in racing, such as the Thoroughbred. Lastly, Coldblood is used for draught breeds, or also commonly known as the draft breeds. These breeds are on the heavier side and are useful for heavy loads and ranch farm work.

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A Lavender Flower Logo Design for an Equestrian business in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia is the city with the oldest and biggest outdoor multi-breed show in the United States, the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair. This could be the perfect time to advertise all equine businesses in nearby areas. A significant part of the advertisement is based on brand identity and how well the company can showcase an attractive identity for the right clients. At EQ Graphics, we’re able to work with you to create a professional lavender flower logo or equine design that portrays all the crucial details.

Inspiration behind the Natural and Holistic Lavender Flower Logo Design for the Lavender Equestrian

The foundation of creating a successful and professional logo lies in the brainstorming sessions. Every project starts with a brainstorming session where our logo artists delve deeper into the meaning of the client’s equestrian business. After ensuring that we thoroughly understood each facet of the Lavender Equestrian’s business, we drew inspiration from the equestrian’s scenery. Since the company aims to grow lavender and board horses, weaving both of them into their custom lavender flower logo was obvious. However, elegantly and effortlessly incorporating them in the logo was the main question we tried to answer.

The Making of the Lavender Equestrian’s Feminine and Floral Lavender Flower Logo

We successfully combined the horse and the lavender by focusing on the typography and adding them as clear and eye-catching details. A lot of detail was put into the typography by using two different fonts. For the letter “L,” a cursive and bigger font was used, while the rest of the word was written with a simplistic font. To creatively write the letter “v,” we opted for a lavender drawing with green leaves that clearly depicted the letter. To make sure that the lavender and the horse are somehow connected to each other, we went for a line art of a horse silhouette.

A Feminine and Floral Horse Logo Design in Pennsylvania 

For Lavender Equestrian’s lavender flower logo, by opting for a feminine theme and adding the lavender as a design element, the business’s brand identity was accurately portrayed with the horse’s purple outline silhouette. Combining the two designs and choosing purple to be the logo’s overall color resulted in a feminine and holistic logo. Using two different purple shades and incorporating green for the leaves depicted the equine business’s organic essence.

Choosing EQ Graphics to Create your Brand Identity in Philadelphia, PA

With the team’s extensive knowledge about equestrian businesses and the equine world, we have successfully created horse logos for businesses worldwide. To make a professional and well-portrayed horse logo, one must understand the client’s business thoroughly and give careful attention to the details. At EQ Graphics, we aim to showcase your horse breeds and your business’s aim with a simple yet elegant logo. We welcome all questions and hope to work with your equine company soon.

Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics

“A piece of artwork! My logo is so beautiful and custom, EQ Graphics nailed my vibe on the first try. I am beyond thrilled with the logo and the entire experience. Professional, timely, and artistic. I highly recommend EQ Graphics to other equestrians looking for a personal and unique logo.“

Line Art Equestrian Logo With A Feminine Feel By Eq Graphics