Stunning Pet Sitting Business Cards with #1 Dog Logo Art

The Loudoun Pet Sitting Company Logo

Feb 13, 2024

Pet sitting business cards don’t have to contain cartoon-like clipart graphics. Our artists created a sophisticated, professional pet sitting logo for The Loudoun Pet Sitting Company that exudes a luxury branding aesthetic and will appeal to affluent clientele. The line art pet sitting logo features a regal sport horse and an American Foxhound standing side by side, representing the variety of species the business cares for.

The Loudoun Pet Sitting Company provides top-notch pet and farm-sitting services to animal lovers in the Loudoun County, Virginia area. Owner Kim Davis has amassed a team of pet care professionals that give dog, cat, and horse owners peace of mind during long work days or vacations. From making midday visits for a lunchtime walk to caring for a barn full of horses while the family is away at a horse show, the caring, trustworthy sitters of The Loudoun Pet Sitting Company take pride in lessening the stress of leaving beloved pets behind when needed.

We used modern serif fonts to continue the upscale, classy feel of the vector design. The blue that our artists used on this timeless pet sitting logo blends effortlessly with the colors of The Loudoun Pet Sitting Company’s website for maximum branding cohesiveness. The company will be proud to present their pet sitting business cards with this hand drawn custom logo!

Custom Pet Sitting Logo With Foxhound &Amp; Sporthorse Silhouettes

Pet Sitting Business Cards for Upscale Virginia Company Get Touch of Class With Custom Pet Sitting Logo

Kim Davis, the owner of The Loudoun Pet Sitting Company, made her way to the pet sitting industry after leaving corporate America.Her inspiration behind starting a pet care business was her recollection of the trials she and her husband faced finding reliable barn help when they needed to travel for their corporate jobs. Kim enjoyed working with animals and wanted pet owners to be able to feel some measure of peace when traveling or experiencing long work days. 

Having operated a horse boarding facility some years prior, Kim began her journey in the pet care business with a smaller dog walking/sitting business before purchasing The Loudoun Pet Sitting Company. Today she has a sizable team of animal caregivers with experience in caring for dogs, cats, horses, and other animals large and small. Every employee that the business hires is bonded and insured, and given a thorough background check to ensure safety and trustworthiness. The company’s pet sitters are known for their reliability, excellent communication skills, attention to detail, and animal care skills/knowledge.

The Loudoun Pet Sitting Company offers a variety of pet care solutions for the area’s busy pet owners. Owners can have pet sitters visit during the workday to walk and/or play with their dogs, as well as refresh their food and water. This can alleviate the guilt felt with being away from home on long work days, and can be especially valuable for puppies and senior dogs with special care needs. The company also offers extended pet sitting services either in the client’s home or in some occasions at the home of one of their experienced sitters. 

Visit The Loudon Pet Sitting Company on the web: The Loudon Pet Sitting Company Western Loudoun & Northern Fauquier (

Hand Drawn Custom Pet Sitting Logo Creates Element of Professionalism for Pet Sitting Business Cards

The Loudon Pet Sitting Company prides themselves on the professionalism of their pet sitters. Pet owners must be able to feel comfortable with the business’ employees entering their homes unattended, as well as entrusting them with their beloved pets. An original pet sitting logo applied to pet sitting business cards tells potential clients that the business is serious about the level of care they provide for every client’s animals. Building an experienced, trusted team is the most important step in starting a pet sitting business.

The Loudon Pet Sitting Company is located in an area where there are numerous affluent potential clients, so they needed a classy pet sitting logo that would appeal to an upscale clientele. Details like what your ideal client avatar looks like are always discussed with you during your design consultation with a professional logo artist at EQ Graphics. If you are just starting your pet sitting business, we will be happy to help you create a more detailed picture of who your ideal customer is throughout the logo creation process!

Upscale Pet Sitting Business Elevates Visual Branding Identity With Custom Pet Sitting Logo for Their Pet Sitting Business Cards

Our artists’ goal for The Loudon Pet Sitting Company’s original line art pet sitting logo was a classy, timeless design that would depict both a horse and dog. We chose a proud sport horse and an American Foxhound, a nod to the fox hunting heritage of the Virginia countryside. The two animals are standing next to each other amicably in the vector design, and our artists took care to render each in such a way as to depict proper conformation. 

Our client indicated that she preferred classic serif style fonts for her custom logo, so we lettered the business name in a clean, traditional serif font. This font is easy to read on their pet sitting business cards while retaining an air of class and professionalism. The colors used in this stunning pet sitting logo echo the colors used on the business website, so their pet sitting business cards and social media can retain a cohesive branding aesthetic. 

If you are starting your own pet sitting business and are in the market for your own unique custom pet sitting logo to make your pet sitting business cards stand out, the artists at EQ Graphics would be happy to help. Just visit to schedule your complimentary design consultation. Be sure to visit us on Instagram @EqGraphics for additional ideas and inspiration!

Elegant Foxhound &Amp; Sporthorse Logo Design For Professional Pet Sitting Business Cards