Stunning Hand-Drawn Cow Logo Design for Kansas Ranch

Feb 13, 2024

Visitors to Winona, Kansas’ B&D Ranch can enjoy a unique shopping opportunity that’s akin to strolling a hometown farmer’s market or general store at the farm’s own Red Cow Mercantile. The Red Cow’s shelves are stocked with items produced by local and regional artisans and farmers, apparel and gifts, and a number of animal health products. It’s the perfect place to find one of a kind “farm fresh” items and local art as a surcee for yourself or as gifts for friends and family.

The Red Cow Mercantile’s hand drawn cow logo design is part of our “Living Logos” collection. We created this stunning line art Red Angus design with inspiration from a photo of one of the ranch’s favorite cows named “Little Big Sally.” The addition of the business name in signature style script font makes this plucky yet professional copper foil cow logo design absolutely beautiful on gift items like t-shirts, tumblers, dish towels, and hoodies-and the vector style is easy to resize no matter how large or small the item is that it’s being applied to.

Simple, Realistic Hand Drawn Red Angus Cow Logo Design

Realistic Hand Drawn Cow Logo Design for Ranch’s General Store

B&D Ranch Natural Beef, located in Winona, Kansas, is a family owned and operated Red Angus beef cow operation that needed a stand out cow logo design. The farm focuses on producing naturally raised beef, a commodity that the demand is growing for on a yearly basis. Any meat product labeled as “natural” or “naturally raised” goes through an approval process sanctioned by the United States Department of Agriculture to ensure that false claims are not being made on consumer labels. 

The USDA approves or denies a product’s label as “natural” based on an evaluation of the livestock rearing process, from birth to slaughter. The producer must also submit details of the livestock’s diet and any growth and production practices they implement. If a product is labeled as “natural,” the USDA indicates that the product should be free of artificial flavorings, colors, chemical preservatives, or other synthetic ingredients. “Naturally raised” generally means that no synthetic products were used to stimulate growth, no antibiotics were used, and the feed fed to the animals did not contain animal by-products.  

The Red Cow Mercantile is located at B&D Ranch Natural Beef. Part gift shop and part general store/farmer’s market, visitors to B&D Ranch can stop in and peruse a variety of novelties and necessities. Shoppers can buy fresh meat from the farm’s naturally raised Red Angus beef cattle, as well as produce and food items that are locally and regionally sourced. Animal care items are also available for those who need them. 

Farm-themed decor and gifts are always in high demand, and The Red Cow Mercantile stocks a variety of novelties. Local craftsmen and artisans wares are available, as well as merchandise emblazoned by the store’s unique cow logo design inspired by one of their favorite cows, Little Big Sally. 

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Gorgeous Custom Cow Logo Design Created for Red Angus Cattle Ranch’s General Store

B&D Ranch is home to a beef cattle breed called the Red Angus. Red Angus are a medium sized breed with a full, “beefy” body. They are a naturally polled (no horns) breed, and as indicated by their name they are red in color. Red Angus cattle share physical similarities with the Aberdeen Angus breed.

Red Angus have become the beef breed of choice among many American ranchers for several reasons. Females are generally quite fertile and have a lengthy lifespan within the herd. They are generally excellent mothers with good milk production. The breed is regarded as generally docile and easy to work with. You can see the gentle expression of the breed in the Red Angus cattle logo design we created for The Red Cow Mercantile.

In terms of meat quality, they are regarded as having excellent meat due to their intramuscular marbling, which affects the texture and flavor of the beef in a positive manner.

Learn More About the Red Angus here: Home Page – Red Angus

Unique Hand Drawn Cow Logo Design Inspired by One of Ranch’s Favorite Red Angus Cows

The realistic vector style Red Angus cattle logo we created for The Red Cow Mercantile is one of our signature “Living Logos.” The inspiration behind this one of a kind cow logo design was a photo of one of the ranch’s favorite Red Angus cows, named “Little Big Sally.” The stunning line art cow logo design perfectly captures Little Big Sally’s gentle expression that is typical of the Red Angus breed. Our artists kept the lines a little thicker on this Red Angus cattle logo so that it could be easily used on gift items such as t-shirts, hoodies, tumblers, tea towels, dish rags, and more.

In keeping with the professional aesthetic of this beautiful cow logo design, we added the business name in two styles of fonts. The company name is partly hand lettered in a beautiful signature style script, with the remainder lettered in a capitalized serif font that adds a touch of western flair. Our professional graphic designers originally designed this Red Angus cattle logo in copper foil, but it can be adapted in a variety of colors.

No matter whether you own an equestrian brand or a sprawling cattle ranch, the artists at EQ Graphics would love to help bring a creating visual branding identity to your business. Advertise your business and your passions with an original custom logo that’s professional and unique. To get started, schedule your complimentary design consultation at We look forward to working with you, no matter where you are on the globe!

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