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Feb 14, 2024

Situated in the peaceful town of Murchison, Texas, Total Eclipse Ranch is a 142 acre paradise for retired horses to enjoy the retirement they deserve.This Texas ranch logo was inspired by a photograph we felt best depicted the tranquility their equine retirees experience at the ranch and is featured as part of our ‘Living Logos’ collection. We added a faint glimmer of the moon to ensure the name was memorable by all who see the logo in passing and our art team also created all of the marketing materials and online branding to announce the opening of the ranch.

This brand new retired horse boarding business was booked full with a waiting list within 6 months of starting the business, which is a testament to the importance of high quality branding and a solid marketing plan.

Eclipse Moon Logo Design Featuring Peaceful Horse Scene

An abstract teal Texas ranch logo for Total Eclipse

Total Eclipse is a vast and fully equipped retirement ranch for horses that deals with all types of horse breeds and they currently run their operations in Texas. With high temperatures dominating annually, the climate and soil in Murchison, Texas is ideal for growing Bermuda grass eight months a year allowing their horses to graze on fresh lands with lush and nutrition rich pastures. Spanning over 142 acres in area, Total Eclipse has spacious meadows, creek, trees, swimming ponds and a sandy loam foundation that is gentle on the horse legs.  

The geology of Texas plays a very interesting role in setting up the environment of the ranch; the state has the Appalachian Mountains, Red River and Sabine River. With distinct climatic regions, soil regions and economical regions, there are many forms of plant and animal communities. Texas has a variable geology which divides the vegetation and animal population; it has Gulf Coastal Plains, Interior Lowlands, Cross Timber Region and large pine – hardwood forests.

With a few natural lakes, Texas has many artificial reservoirs. The state enjoys a variety of sports, four major professional teams in the country and some rodeo. It hosts the annual Houston Livestock and Rodeo Show that begin with trail rides and convenes at Reliant Park, the Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show that incorporates many of the State’s historic traditions, diverse cultures, varied environment, many attractions including the flora and fauna, all disciplines and breeds, riders of all levels and communities in the sport.

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The Scenic Views and Retired Horses

The horse boarding services at Total Eclipse are complete with quality that is more than sufficient to maintain and care for the horse. Varying with prices, the services include grazing, grooming and medication administration. A full time boarding place for retired animals, there is something for every horse where the grounds are in good condition and they are supervised around the clock. With the staff present at the ranch throughout, Total Eclipse has all the necessities and a full turn out to pasture, scheduled feeding and grazing that makes this place an ideal arrangement for retired horses in the state.

Other than equipment use and scenic views, the ranch provides a quiet and peaceful location for horses. Located at the end of a single-lane road with traffic coming from an occasional turn, the ranch is safe and situated at the top of the property. Their accessible swimming ponds grow delicious treats such as pool grass; the philosophy of the team at Total Eclipse encourages each boarded horse to find their place in the herd whether it’s a pong or a million dollar show jumper. They emphasize security, supervision and peaceful environment, giving the horses a serene space to live.

Gathering Ideas and Inspiration for this Texas Ranch Logo

EQ Graphics has created a teal Texas ranch logo for Total Eclipse. The color evokes calm, tranquility, balance and peace. An infusion of green and blue, this Texas ranch logo takes inspiration from the shapeless body of water to create a lineart vector silhouette of a horse. The Texas ranch logo is walking on the lines of abstraction and figuration, the design is modern, inspirational, graceful and powerful whereas the utilization of teal keeps it soft.

The Texas ranch logo encourages objective thinking, exhibits the characteristic traits of a healthy horse, highlights the feelings of empathy; it represents clarity and promotes open communication in a calming and regenerative environment.  The trustworthiness and reliability is reflected in this Texas ranch logo; it narrates the story of the horses at Total Eclipse who come to find balance after a stressful journey in a very competitive equestrian industry. A custom Texas ranch logo made just for Total Eclipse Ranch.

Small Logo With Two Horses In A River For Total Eclipse Ranch

““Beyond my wildest imagination” “Beyond my expectations”

Two very overused phrases but, when it comes right down to it, they are the phrases that best describe the service I received from EQGraphics.

I gave them very little to work with, not being a technical or imaginative person, yet they were still able to develop a logo and website that fits me and my business perfectly. On budget and ahead of schedule, two qualities everyone loves to hear. And they did just that. Thank you EQGraphics for a job well done.“

Gorgeous &Quot;Living Logo&Quot; For Tx Horse Retirement Facility