100% Original | Stunning Logo of Women & Horse Example

Feb 14, 2024

World renowned animal communicator and liberty horse clinician, Linda J Salinas from North Carolina, has dedicated her life to the search for oneness with horses. The objective throughout her many courses and teachings is to help other women reach a level she refers to as the “True Connection” with their equine partners. When creating a logo of women and horses, our goal is for the art to evoke an instantaneous emotion of compassion and appreciation for the amazing horse-human relationship. This logo was designed to feature an inquisitive Morgan Horse seeking direction, companionship and encouragement from his human partner, a connection that is often witnessed by the participants of Linda’s unique programs.

Elegant Line Art Logo Featuring Bond Between Morgan Horse And Woman

A gold foiled logo of women for True Connection

Conducting intensive public and private clinics in the United States of America, Canada, Europe and Costa Rica, True Connection is extending its services in the discipline of liberty horsemanship and they are currently managing its operations from the buzzing commercial hub of Charlotte in North Carolina. The city houses several parks, fields, courts, grounds, shelters, two horseshoe pits and an eleven acre lake. An extensive urban network, Charlotte has a subtropical climate and it is home to many annual festivals such as The Carolina Renaissance Festival, The Yiasou Greek Festival, Taste of Charlotte, Breakaway Music Festival, Heroes Convention and Charlotte Pride.

This logo of women & horses can be seen on on the True Connection website: https://lindajsalinas.com/

The Driving Force Behind True Connections Success

A gifted teacher and living with a herd of 8 horses at her menagerie, Linda Salinas is the driving force behind True Connection. An accomplished horse whisperer and communicator, Linda shares her lifelong passion of working with animals, in particular the horses, with her community and encourages them to establish honest, loyal and clear communicating channels with their animals by listening and focusing.

The core of her methodology revolves around connecting the mind with body and spirit through a spiritual animal in a world that is growing fast and proportionately away from the natural elements. The techniques are built and conducted in a way that both the human and the animal are inspired, motivated, empowered and liberated to enjoy a mindful life. The results are focused to encourage a positive mindset, a problem solving approach, inhabiting decision making ability, building a profound connection with a horse, all of which adds to improve existing relationships and lifestyles.

True Connections Approach and Offers

Psychology plays a significant role in Linda’s methods, they aim to accentuate the intuitive and spiritual approach, recognizing distress signals and therefore training the horse and the person to identify and fix the holes in their communication. Travelling and working with people and horses by utilizing body language, energy and her knowledge, Linda believes that evolution and adaptation is necessary in a human – animal relationship.

Linda is offering many types of services in this new and unique field; she takes scheduled and private coaching calls assess people’s experiences and provide help accordingly, her course ‘The Journey Within’ is a five week course that emphasizes self-reflecting and self-realization in collaboration with Janice Holly Booth, the CEO of Equi-KIT, course ‘Reboot your connection’, Animal Communication Sessions that address, physical, behavioral and emotional concerns, True Connection clinics, individual lessons off site ad private retreats at her farm.

True Connection also sells unique products such as the liberty stick which is lightweight and easy to crack, handmade mini saddles that are imported from Colombia which is made with exquisite details for the horse collectors, a collection of wisdom filled horse whisperer cards that promote health, awareness and harmony, hands on grooming gloves that are expertly designed to glove a more through and enjoyable grooming experience, online language courses and gift cards with logo of women and horses.

The Design Idea for True Connections Logo of Women

The gold foiled logo of women for True Connection is made with passion and ambition. EQ Graphics took Linda’s unique approach and her warm personality as inspiration when designing this logo of women, it shows character, professionalism, strength, knowledge and years of experience working and learning from horses as Linda grew individually and with her community.

The design is a depiction of a logo of women and a horse, connecting animal kingdom to human species in a transparent manner to bridge, grow and help each other in achieving better health and supporting in their emotional journeys. The black and white logo of women creates a string narrative on the link between physical and spiritual growth, underlining that the latter is equally important but often ignored.

Animal Communicator's Custom Logo Showcases The Unique Horse &Amp; Human Bond