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Feb 13, 2024

True Partner Saddlery of Canton, Georgia, makes custom fit endurance, trail, western, and Wade Tree saddles that are designed for the unique conformation of every individual horse whose owner reaches out to them. They strive to improve the horse and rider relationship through the increased comfort and mobility a correctly fitted saddle provides, as well as help equestrians reach their competitive goals.

Our artists’ goal for this custom illustration was to create a western cowboy logo aesthetic while highlighting the connection between horse and rider. The simple, poignant line art design features a cowboy with face downturned and the horse’s head laid over his shoulder. Vintage letterpress adds to the rustic feel of the abstract art while maintaining clarity in the vector style design. True Partner’s custom brand identity is the perfect finishing touch to every custom saddle they manufacture.

Custom Made Saddlery's Custom Logo Tells Brand Mission At A Glance

Western Cowboy Logo for Georgia Based Custom Saddle Maker

Mark Jones, the founder of True Partner Saddlery, understands the impact saddle fit has on a horse’s health, behavior, and performance. A correctly fitted saddle not only helps the rider sit the horse in a balanced manner, it also assists in distributing the rider’s weight evenly across the horse’s back.

Incorrect saddle fit can manifest in a multitude of ways. Behavioral changes are not uncommon. The horse may show signs of annoyance or irritation during saddling, or begin to exhibit girthy behavior. Under saddle, the horse may show reluctance to move forward by planting, refusing to transition gaits smoothly, refusing jumps, or even bucking. The horse may move in a hollow frame as it attempts to move away from the discomfort in its shoulders and back.

Without proper intervention, health issues may eventually arise from the continued use of an ill fitting saddle. Saddle sores, muscle atrophy, swelling, and even lameness can be caused by incorrect saddle fit. Although investing in a custom saddle can be costly, the cost is minimal in comparison to the cost of related veterinary care in the long run if these issues are not addressed. 

Custom Fit Saddle Maker’s Western Cowboy Logo Features Bond Horse and Human Can Form Through Comfortable Saddlery

True Partner Saddlery offers custom fit saddles in a range of styles to offer a comfortable, balanced ride to a myriad of clients within the equine industry. The company is well known for their endurance saddles, which are lightweight and offer optimum comfort for both horse and rider over long distances and varying terrain. Options such as buckrolls for added security (some are even removable) convertible Western to English billets, and “no pinch” fenders with a Hamley twist make it possible to build the perfect custom fitted endurance saddle.

With much of True Partner’s business coming from the western sector of the equine industry, it stands to reason that their Wade Tree saddles are a popular option. Legendary horseman Tom Dorrance along with Walt Youngman of the Hamley and Company Saddle Shop are said to have developed the saddle with inspiration from a saddle belonging to Clifford Wade. The Wade Tree saddle gained popularity in the 1960’s courtesy of clinician Ray Hunt. These saddles sit low on the horse and help it to gain leverage when holding roped cattle. The low horn doesn’t interfere with a cowboy swinging a rope, and the saddle as a whole remains balanced and stable up and down hills and across a variety of terrain.

Utilizing the variety of options buyers have for crafting their custom fit saddle allows equestrians to make the time spent riding their horse much more comfortable and enjoyable, for both horse and rider. With no uncomfortable pinching or pressure, the pair enjoys a free range of motion and increased performance quality.

Vintage Letterpress Adds Rustic Western Aesthetic to Saddle Maker’s Original Western Cowboy Logo

Our artists wanted to design a western cowboy logo for this saddle making business that would tell the story of how their craftsmanship leads to a more positive connection between horse and rider while maintaining an air of masculinity and ruggedness. We put together a line art sketch of a stoic cowboy with a western horse looking over his shoulder. The simple western cowboy logo design is somewhat abstract, and the uncluttered vector style allows for ease of use when True Partner stamps their custom logo into the fenders of the saddles they produce. Different fonts have the ability to alter the aesthetic of a logo design, so we utilized vintage letterpress and a sans serif font to add to the rustic feel of this bold western cowboy logo design. Gold foil adds a polished touch for use on business cards and correspondence.

Hand Drawn Line Art Western Cowboy Logo Inspired by Saddle Maker’s Ideal Clients

The ideas you share with us about who your ideal client is, where your market your business, and your goals for your branding are what shape the design of your custom logo. We work with a variety of businesses throughout the equine industry to create western cowboy logo designs, from show jumpers to barrel racers, and we pride ourselves in knowing the industry standard details that matter. No company is too big or small to have their own original logo custom designed by EQ Graphics. Just contact us to schedule your complimentary design consultation or follow @eqgraphics on Instagram to view our latest western cowboy logo designs.

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