Stunning Gypsy Vanner Art | 100% Custom Celtic Horse Logo

Feb 13, 2024

Tuatha De Gypsies is the Nelson family’s own little slice of paradise near Salt Lake City, Utah. This boutique Gypsy Vanner breeding operation came to fruition after the Nelson’s acquired their multi-grand champion driving gelding, TirnanOg, and became entranced by the whimsical Irish breed. They currently stand top Irish import Tadc MacBriain at stud, and love to bring awareness to this unique breed through competing at horse shows, riding in parades, visiting horse fairs, Renaissance festivals, and more. 

Our professional graphic designers created a stunning custom logo for Tuatha De Gypsies that intertwines vector style Gypsy Vanner art with a Celtic knot-traditionally known to represent eternity in love, friendship, and beyond. The addition of the business name in a gorgeous hand lettered serif font with a hint of western flair further enhances the whimsical feel of this unique logo design. It’s a classy, one of a kind personal touch for this breeder’s visual branding-a gorgeous way to advertise their passion for the Gypsy Vanner breed on their business cards, t-shirts, and horse blankets!

Intricate Celtic Inspired Gypsy Vanner Logo Design

Exquisite Gypsy Vanner Art With Celtic Inspired Elements for Boutique Breeder

The Nelson family had no idea when they purchased their multi-grand champion driving gelding, TirnanOg, that they would fall so deeply in love with the unique Gypsy Vanner breed. His fairy tale looks (complete with feathered legs and a lush mane and tail) paired with his sparkling personality and versatility encouraged the family to expand their herd of Gypsy horses. Enter Tuatha de Gypsy. 

This Salt Lake City, Utah breeding facility breeds and raises a small number of select Gypsy Vanner horses each year. Their stallion, an Irish import named Tadc MacBriain, is the only United States based son of Clononeen Brian Boru. The Nelson’s show Tadc and TirnanOg in Gypsy Vanner Horse Society horse shows, with the stallion competing in classes like western pleasure, ranch pleasure, and trail and the gelding competing in driving classes. 

Although they enjoy showing their Gypsy horses, the Nelson family loves sharing the historic rare breed with the public. They often take their Gypsy Vanners to parades, horse fairs and expos, and Renaissance fairs. This allows others to see the beauty of the Irish breed, as well as experience their amenable personality. 

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Vector Style Gypsy Vanner Art on Breeding Facility’s Custom Logo Hints of Irish Heritage

The Gypsy Vanner Horse Society was established in 1966 in an effort to recognize the horses created by British and Irish Gypsies. A handful of breeds had been carefully crossed to create a horse that fit the vision of a regal caravan horse in the eyes of the Gypsies. It’s said that they were looking for “a small Shire with more feather, more colors, and a sweeter head.” These “Vanners” were a product of crossing Shires, Clydesdales, Dales Ponies, and Friesians. 

Gypsies have the appearance of a draft horse, but usually only stand 14-15 hands high. They are not a color breed, but can be found in a number of solid and “paint” colors such as tobiano. Their heavily feathered legs and thick mane and forelock are trademarks of the breed.

More than a pretty face, Gypsy Vanners are highly versatile horses that can excel in everything from dressage to ranch horse events. They’ve been bred through the years to be a family horse, and they have a calm, quiet manner. This steady, friendly temperament makes them ideal for family use or as a therapy horse. 

Celtic Knot and Stunning Gypsy Vanner Art Grace Hand Drawn Custom Logo

Our artists sought to create a Celtic aesthetic in Tuatha de Gypsies’ custom Gypsy Vanner art logo design as a tribute to the Gypsy Vanner breed’s Irish heritage. Celtic knots are known to symbolize eternity-lasting love, loyalty, and friendship much like the Gypsy horses themselves offer their human companions. The Gypsy Vanner art we designed for this original logo design features a vector style Vanner horse within which a Celtic knot is intertwined. The viewer can clearly make out the breed’s signature fine head and thick mane while maintaining a simple, yet elegant feel with this vectorGypsy Vanner art. 

We enjoy creating many styles of hand lettered fonts to accompany our line art logo designs, and we chose a custom serif that has a slight western feel to label this Gypsy Vanner art logo with the business name. Silver foil was the final finishing touch on this gorgeous custom design that adds a touch of class and personalized branding to business cards, shirts, jackets, tack trunks, and more. 

Does your equestrian company branding need a fresh look? We would love to get to know you and what you do within the equine industry so we can combine our ideas with your own to create customGypsy Vanner art that’s uniquely “you.” Just visit to schedule a complimentary design consultation with one of our professional artists. You can also follow us on Instagram @EqGraphics for more inspiration! 

Stunning Gypsy Vanner Logo Design With Celtic Aesthetic