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Feb 12, 2024

Urban Legend Friesians is located on the stunning Meadow Ridge Farm in Michigan. Their program is centered around producing top level dressage horses as well as helping grow the population of this unique, majestic breed through quality selective breeding. Urban Legend currently stands the magnificent Urbanus G. fan e’ Rydwei, who is being successfully campaigned in the dressage arena while striving to attain his sport classification and produce top-notch foals for sale. 

The chic hand drawn Friesian silhouette logo design our artists created for Urban Legends is another of our “Living Logos.” The inspiration behind this stunning line art logo was the farm’s stud, Urban, shown here complete with his trademark gentle gaze and lush forelock. Exquisite attention to detail was used to capture both the inner and outer beauty of the stallion, right down to his show ring ready tack. 

A combination of two fonts was used for the farm name’s lettering-a sleek, modern sans serif and a flowing signature style script. The original Friesian silhouette logo was rendered in classic black and white, but the vector design would be absolutely gorgeous in other colors like gold or silver foil as well for luxury business card printing. This elegant custom logo will add a touch of class and professionalism to Urban Legend’s monogrammed jackets, horse blankets, tack stall curtains, and other branded items.

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Line Art Friesian Silhouette Logo Design for Michigan KFPS Breeder

Urban Legend Friesians calls Michigan’s picturesque Meadow Ridge Farm home. Their breeding program is centered around producing KFPS Royal Friesian horses that excel in the dressage ring, along with various other competitive and pleasure riding uses. However, the Friesian breeding program is only one component of life at Meadow Ridge Farm.

Meadow Ridge strives to be a place for equestrians in the Great Lakes area to learn, board, and enjoy their horses, as well as interact with others who are passionate about some sector of the equine industry. Boarders have access to a state of the art barn, indoor riding arena, riding trails, and a dedicated on-site staff. Trainers across several styles of riding use the farm as their home base, making it easy for boarders and local horse lovers to find a professional that can help further their goals. 

Meadow Ridge Farm also offers equine assisted therapy, affording participants the opportunity to ride, interact with, and help care for a team of gentle therapy horses. 

Visit Meadow Ridge Farm on the web: Meadow Ridge Farm | Connecting you to the future of farming

Hand Drawn Friesian Horse Silhouette Logo Inspired by Farm’s Stallion

Urban Legend focuses on the KFPS Friesian Horse in their breeding program. Their stallion, affectionately known as “Urban,” was imported from the Netherlands. While standing at stud, he continues to be shown in dressage events. Urban’s owners are also working toward earning his sport classification.

The KFPS, which sanctions the Friesian Horse Association of North America (FHANA), maintains status and grade levels within their registry with the improvement of the breed in mind. Horses can be registered in the “Main Book” of the registry if their dam is also registered in said book and the sire is one of the registry’s “Approved Stallions.” Becoming an “Approved Stallion” is quite the undertaking, and only 20-25 of these stud horses exist in North America. 

Among the superior predicates within the Friesian breed are the Model predicate and the Sport predicate. A Model Friesian is a mare that is at least 15.3 hands high and 7 years of age or older that has produced a foal and successfully completed a IBOP or ABFP inspection test. The Sport predicate is given to horses who have had success in the show ring through USEF, USDF, or ADS. 

Learn more about Friesians and FHANA here:  Home – Fhana    

100% Original Friesian Silhouette “Living Logo” Design

The stunning vector logo that our artists created for Urban Legend Friesians contains a hand drawn line art Friesian silhouette that was inspired by the farm’s stallion. This makes the beautiful Friesian silhouette logo design part of our “Living Logos” collection-the ideas and inspiration behind these unique custom logos are the business owners’ personal horses or horses that made an impact on their life. It’s a beautiful way to add a touch of personality into your company branding, and our professional graphic designers will illustrate your special horse in a way that perfectly illustrates his beauty and personality. 

Two fonts were used in conjunction with the beautiful line art Friesian silhouette in this vector logo design. A modern sans serif was paired with elegant hand lettered signature style script for a contemporary look that accentuates the beauty of the logo’s Friesian silhouette artwork. 

The original colors our artists rendered this chic Friesian silhouette logo in were simple black and white, but it would look absolutely stunning in gold or silver foil on business cards as well. This one of a kind custom logo will make a beautiful addition to Urban Legend’s stud ads, farm signs, monogrammed horse blankets, jackets, and more.
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Elegant Hand Lettered Friesian Silhouette Logo