NEW! #1 Brumby Logo for Wild Pony Apparel in Australia

Feb 15, 2024

Australian native, Loretta, created her Wild Pony clothing line for those with a “free spirit and wild heart.” A campdrafting, reining, and brumby enthusiast, her vision for the brand’s custom brumby logo was one of a wild horse with a blowing mane, a splash of color, and a hint of Native American style. Loretta needed the custom logo to be more masculine than feminine since it would be placed on unisex items, and although she loved our signature line art style the lines would need to be thick enough to stand up on small embroidered items.

Our artists created a tasteful brumby logo that checked all of Loretta’s boxes for the ideas she had for her Wild Pony brand, while appealing to consumers of both sexes. The striking vector style design features a proud, determined brumby whose mane and forelock are swirling in the breeze. A feathered war bridle and war paint across the regal horse’s nose create the subtle Native American inspired aesthetic she desired, and a lilting script font adds to the free spirited feeling of the unique design. This gorgeous, original brumby logo will look great on embroidered apparel while still maintaining the quality of the image when it’s resized for larger items like banners.

Spirit Of Australia's Wild Horses Brought To Life In Apparel Brand's Hand Drawn Logo

Hand Drawn Brumby Logo for Australian Western Lifestyle Apparel Brand

Queensland, Australia native, Loretta, came to EQ Graphics with a unique request. She had a vision of creating a western lifestyle apparel line that would appeal to those with a “free spirit” and “wild heart.” The logo she envisioned for this brand (that would be competing with large retailers like Ariat) was one of the head and neck of a Paint, Appaloosa, Quarter Horse, or brumby with its mane blowing in the wind. She knew that she wanted to include some sort of Native American element in the custom logo as well. 

Although Loretta noted that she loved our signature line art style designs, it was imperative that the lines of this design be able to stand out on small embroidered items like baseball caps. The logo also needed to have more of a masculine than feminine feel since it would be used on unisex apparel items. Most importantly, Loretta wanted Wild Pony’s custom brumby logo to be highly recognizable and easily seen from a distance. 

Check out the Wild Pony line: 

Brumby Logo for Apparel Company Embodies Spirit of Australia’s Wild Horses

Horses were first introduced to Australia in the late 1700’s. Due to the harsh nature of sea travel, the horses that arrived in Australia were extremely hardy animals. These sturdy horses were used for farming and personal transportation uses. Keeping horses contained could be problematic in these early days, so it was not uncommon for horses to escape and become feral. 

The wild horses of Australia were named after James Brumby, a soldier and farrier that was said to have left horses in New South Wales when he returned to Tasmania. When asked who the horses belonged to, locals would reply “they are Brumby’s,” and this seems to be the most likely explanation of how the horses came to be called “brumbies.” 

The mobs of brumbies in Australia can be seen as both a nuisance and a cultural icon-most are familiar with the breed via the movie, “The Man From Snowy River.”  Although they are occasionally mustered and trained to be stock horses, brumbies also cause issues with fence damage, damage to cattle grazing areas, and other problems associated with the keeping of livestock. However, since a brumby can be a “mixed bag” of bloodlines due to feral horses mating with various domestic horses, when these wild horses are domesticated they can (and do) make excellent equine athletic partners and excel in a variety of events.

Striking Brumby Logo With Native American Accents for Australian Western Lifestyle Apparel Brand

In order to create a custom brumby logo that fit neatly with Loretta’s ideas and inspiration for her clothing brand, our artists took great care in discussing her vision during Loretta’s design consultation. The vector style design that we created was one of a proud brumby horse with a streaming mane and forelock. The horse’s determined expression and wild spirit spring to life in the exquisite hand drawn design.

A Native American war bridle and war paint on the horse’s nose add the desired Native American aesthetic to Loretta’s original brumby logo design. A custom script font displays the brand name with the same free spirited feeling that the brumby horse design evokes, and copper foil adds an earthy yet elegant touch to this stunning brumby logo.

The finished product was a unique custom logo that can be resized and used on apparel and branded items of various styles and colors, and is fit for unisex use. We can’t wait to see this gorgeous brumby logo on Wild Pony’s t-shirts, baseball caps, and more! The design is sure to be a hit among campdraft enthusiasts and others who enjoy living the western/ranch lifestyle. 

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Wind Blown Brumby Gallops Across Clothing Brand's Custom Logo