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Wilden’s Run Farm Logo

Jan 2, 2024

Wilden’s Run Farm is an upscale boarding and hunter/jumper facility in southern Vermont. Specializing in the training of both horse and rider bound for the A circuit, the facility employs a mixture of both classical and natural horsemanship to help these teams meet even the loftiest show ring goals. Wilden’s Run Farm is a part of the International Liberty Horse Association and strives to foster the spirit of wellness and partnership between equestrians and their mounts.

Our artists wanted the custom hunter jumper logo design we created for Wilden’s Run Farm to represent the meticulous attention to detail and professionalism that the facility insists on in an effort to produce happy, successful show horses and accomplished, well-rounded riders. The line art logo features the image of a scopey jumping horse in mid-jump over a classic WRF monogram. The horse’s willing expression and classic hunter frame illustrates the fine type of horse that high end clients covet.

A modern serif font adds a touch of class to the design, which can be used with the full farm name or in icon style with just the monogram. This original logo is versatile, sophisticated, and eye-catching-the perfect addition to jackets, stall drapes, and more.

Gold Foil A-Circuit Hunter Horse Logo Design Stuns On Black Cardstock

Sophisticated Hunter Jumper Logo for Upscale Vermont Boarding and Training Facility 

Wilden’s Run Farm is a 40 acre modern boarding and training facility in Pownal, Vermont who asked EQ Graphics to create a custom hunter jumper logo. Specializing in hunter/jumper horses, the farm’s staff prides itself on ensuring that every horse in the barn for training or board is maintained in a way that they remain healthy, happy, and set up for success in the show ring. 

The state of the art facility is a boarder’s dream, with amenities that will satisfy even the most discerning equestrian. Riders can enjoy both an indoor and outdoor riding arena, as well as a 20 acre cross country and show jumping field. A heated tack room and bathroom add to the luxury experience riders have at Wilden’s Run Farm, which describes the facility has having a “professional yet relaxed” atmosphere. 

Horses at the facility are housed in spacious rubber matted box stalls and are given private turnout time daily. There is 24 hour supervision, and each horse has a nutrition program tailored to its unique needs. Full board horses have meticulously cleaned stalls and water buckets, along with blanketing and fly spray application. Training and lesson board horses are also groomed daily and manes maintained for the show ring, along with their tack being cleaned. 

Hunter Jumper Logo for Vermont Training Barn Utilizing Liberty Horse Training 

Wilden’s Run Farm provides instruction for both horse and rider who have aspirations of competing in hunter/jumper, equitation, eventing, or dressage. Riders work to develop a balanced, secure seat and to know how to effectively communicate with their horse. Those interested in instruction can participate in the lesson program or other learning opportunities such as clinics, shows hosted by the farm, and summer camp. 

The farm wanted theirhunter jumper logo to portray their well rounded team of trainers who combine their individual talents to produce accomplished horses and riders. Tara Ratzer is an accomplished A-circuit competitor who enjoys employing natural horsemanship practices  to produce horses who are sane and sound both on the ground and under saddle. As the head trainer at Wilden’s Run Farm, she uses her show ring experience as well as her knowledge of equine care to further the careers of horses and riders at the facility. 

John Fahey is also part of the team, a certified farrier that enjoys starting young horses. He combines his own training methods with liberty horse training to help lay a solid foundation for the show prospects Wilden’s Run brings along. 

Jessica O’Connell is the final piece of the Wilden Run puzzle. Formally trained as a teacher, Jessica starts new riders on their path to success in the show ring by learning the fundamentals of horse care and riding. She enjoys fostering a fun environment for her students and also heads up the summer camp program.

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Line Art Hunter Jumper Logo Highlights Professionalism of Boarding and Training Barn 

Since Wilden’s Run Farm frequents top level horse show circuits and caters to riders and buyers who want to compete on this level, our artists’ vision for their custom logo was a hunter jumper logo design that’s both classy and recognizable. We started out with a vector style design of a jumping horse positioned over the WRF monogram.

The inspiration behind the line art illustration for this detailedhunter jumper logo was the scopey, good-minded horses one sees in the show ring at A-circuit hunter/jumper shows. The horse’s eye and overall facial expression is quiet, kind, and willing. The ears are forward and knees tucked tightly under its chin. Both the monogram and thehunter jumper logo farm name are rendered in classic serif fonts. 

This original hunter jumper logo is one of our “convertible” designs. The unique logo can be used in icon fashion with just the jumping horse and monogram for small items like caps and saddle pads or in its entirety for larger items like jackets and tack room curtains and will look great in a variety of colors. 

The overall aesthetic of Wilden’s Run Farm’s customhunter jumper logo is polished and professional-just like the facility and its staff.

If you’re looking to refresh your equestrian company branding, our artists would love to speak with you about your ideas. Just visit to schedule your complimentary design consultation. 

Versatile Hunter Jumper Logo That's Adaptable For Use On Various Branded Products