100% Hand-Drawn Ranch Logo | Stunning Reining Horse Example

Feb 13, 2024

This is the first of three logos our artists created for a series of equine businesses under the Willow Brook umbrella. The Willow Brook Ranch logo is representative of their reining and cowhorse division, the Willow Brook Farm logo was designed to showcase their sporthorse breeding program, and the WB Equine Therapy logo features a non-breed specific horse and a dog used to promote their equine rehabilitation center. All three logos were designed in a way where each looks beautiful on its own, or can be used together in a single advertisement and maintain their cohesive brand identity across all three businesses.

As a breeder of high caliber Quarter Horses, the Willow Brook Ranch brand embodies the performance aspect of reining and cow horses. So it was a natural choice to illustrate what could be a reiner in spin or a cow horse mid turn to symbolize the strength, agility, and power bred into each of their athletes.

Gold Foil Creates Stunning Visual Branding In This Unique Aqha Reining Horse Logo

The Willow brook Ranch Logo features an elegant Reining horse

After serving the community in California, the team of Willow Brook Ranch is determined to explore the equine industry in Tennessee. Tourism is a huge industry in the state generating billions for the economy as Tennessee is home to the most vivid attractions such as Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Dollywood, Ripley’s Aquarium of Smokies, Graceland, Beale Street, Memphis Zoo, National civil rights Museum, Lower Broadway, Parthenon, National Scenic Byways, Natchez Trace Parkway, Great River Road, the Hiwassee and Ocoee Rivers, Big South Fork National River and Recreational Area, Cumberland Gap National Park and Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail.

Willow Brook Ranch is fundamentally a boutique that concentrates on the breeding and rehabilitation of elite cow horses, quarter horses and champion hunter ponies. Throughout the history of America, all colonies needed to manage cattle from horseback in an open range without the benefit of barn and fences, a need that required quickness on feet, changing directions swiftly and sprinting after cattle whereas the horse was mostly controlled by legs and weight, ridden with one hand and paying attention to the task. This need transitioned from an informal demonstration among cowboys to the sport we enjoy today.

The Willow Brook Ranch business is a combination of multi-dimensional equestrian center and a top horse riding center that is mainly recognized in the Reining industry, which is how we chose to create the vector art for this inspiring ranch logo design.

To see the Ranch Logo design in use, visit: https://www.instagram.com/willowbrookranch5100/

The Industry That Influenced This Ranch Logo

A competitive western sport, Reining is a challenging discipline for the horse and the rider in equal measure, it is composed of guided patterns in the shapes of circles, stops and spins. Originating from the working cattle and often compared to dressage, Reining highlights the coordination in movement and ability to perform under pressure with absolute will and control. The equipment and attire is specific; spurs but no whips, bridles without noseband.

Although historically there is not much difference in men and women attire, fashion has influenced the modern outfits of women in this industry that often gets its inspiration from western pleasure sports; brighter colors, decorated jackets, certified equestrian helmet, cowboy boots and western saddle are the essentials for ranches associated with Reining and their teams.

The Significance of American Quarter Horses

Willow Brook Ranch is working the American Quarter Horses that excels at sprinting shorter distances. A popular breed that is registered under the American Quarter Horse Foundation, the horses are also well known for rodeos, racing and working ranch horses other than Reining. The horses of Willow Brook are refined, small with straight profile, strong muscular bodies, powerful and broad chest, they are compact and come in almost all colors. These horses have maintained a good track record and gained immense success in Reining because of their agility, heavy but compact stature and quick movements due to their strong hindquarters.

The Rustic Ranch Logo for Willow Brook Ranch

As a western pleasure sport, the team of EQ Graphic saw fit to design a western and graceful ranch logo for Willow Brook Ranch that is simultaneously walking on the wild side. The ranch logo is essentially modern in composition and palette yet it captures the true essence of traditions and trends of the sport that have evolved over time.

The contrasting ranch logo takes advantage of the complementary pair of black and white to chronicle the achievements, experience and knowledge of the team at Willow Brook Ranch and the training of their quarter horses that have proved their worth in the discipline and command attention from their spectators. The elegant ranch logo for Willow Brook Ranch is consuming a light gold foil to reflect the excellent temperament, athletic structure and precision of their dynamic horses as they perform with impeccable speed, flow and flawless coordination. Crafting a ranch logo design that represents Willow Brook Ranch and their dedication to American Quarter Horses and reining.

Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics

“I could not have imagined having anyone else to have designed our logo for us. They have not only become professional acquaintances, but life long friends and I can’t wait for our next project together…

After searching high and low for someone to design our logo I stumbled across EQ Graphics on accident. We were looking for someone that could think outside of the box and not just create a cookie cutter logo. While I had something completely different in mind, 10 minutes into my conversation with Jackie she had a completely different outlook on what could work.

I am so glad that I just left everything in her artistic hands. WOW!!! was all I kept saying when she revealed our logo to us. She nailed it on the head. Jackie and David have been amazing to work with from the start.

Stunning Reining Horse Logo For Quarter Horse Breeder