Bright Eventing Colors Example | 100% Hand-Drawn Silhouette

Feb 13, 2024

Our artists created an extremely flexible “Convertible Logo” for Wits End Eventing in Thurmond, North Carolina. The eventing logo features a solid filled silhouette of an eventing horse coming down off a drop, rendered in their signature purple, green, yellow and grey eventing colors. The art can be used in its entirety, or the side of the jump can be used alone as branding iron to ‘brand’ the eventing prospects Wits End produces.

Wit’s End Eventing specializes in breeding premier CCI4* prospects, with a special interest in providing youth and amateur riders with competitive eventing mounts. Keeping their young, energetic and enthusiastic audience in mind, we chose mixture of traditional serif and lowercase sans serif fonts add to the crisp look of this custom eventing design that’s unique in its flexibility of use.

Eventing Horse Sails Over Cross Country Jump In Breeder's Unique Logo

Eventing Colors Add Splash of Character to CCI4* Breeder’s Custom Logo

Thurmond, North Carolina event horse breeder, Wits End Eventing, isn’t your typical sport horse breeder. Producers of both Thoroughbred and Warmblood CCI4* prospects, the facility focuses more on the horse’s temperament and performance ability than producing a specific breed. They utilize a method of line breeding  that was developed by racing stables and top European farms to specifically produce sound, sane eventing horses.

The facility finds producing sound, sane mounts to be more important than the breed a horse can be registered as, and utilizes a line breeding method developed by racing barns and top European farms to breed exclusively for eventing horses. Wit’s End’s breeding philosophy starts with selecting high quality broodmares with excellent conformation, performance records, and pedigrees that are then paired with a stallion that makes a superior genetic and physical match. Foals are imprint trained and exposed to a variety of real life situations from birth forward to create willing, safe equine partners for equestrians of every level.

Wits End Eventing firmly believes that the mares are the capstone of their breeding program. Since mitochondrial DNA is only passed through the female, the facility takes special care in selecting mares that have superior conformation, temperaments, performance ability, and (ideally) are carriers of the large heart gene. A stallion is then selected based on the intended level of competition the get is to be shown at, complementary temperament, and other factors essential to the line breeding method. 

Since Wits End has a strong focus on producing sound, sane equine partners for youth and amateur equestrians with a goal of entering the world of eventing, the making of a show horse begins at birth. Foals are imprint trained and handled daily, with exposure to a variety of potentially frightening sights and sounds.

As yearlings, they begin to visit neighboring farms and participate in Future Event Horse shows where they learn the in’s and outs of being bathed, braided, and shown in-hand. All of these early experiences, paired with exposure to the farm’s mini-donkey, goats, and sheep, lead to well rounded, mannerly young horses that are on their way to being bombproof before they are ever started under saddle. 

When it’s time for prospects to move on to their new homes, Wits End prides themselves on matching sellers with a horse of suitable disposition and performance ability for their eventing goals.

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Original Eventing Colors Logo Tells Prospective Buyers Breeder’s Purpose at a Glance

During the design consultation call, our artist discovered that Wits End Eventing had a variety of ideas and eventing colors they wanted to incorporate into the design and use of their custom business logo. Taking inspiration from the rush of a horse landing a difficult cross country jump, we put together a sketch depicting the silhouette of a horse sailing over a jump standard rendered in the farm’s branding eventing colors.

To keep the art crisp, clear, and easy to read we incorporated traditional serif mixed with modern lowercase sans serif fonts. This original design is easily recognizable in the equestrian world as an eventing horse, effectively displaying Wits End Eventing’s goal of producing top quality event horse to prospective buyers worldwide.

Eventing Colors Logo Offers Maximum Versatility for Thoroughbred/Warmblood Breeder’s Branding

Wits End’s bold custom logo is part of our original “Convertible Logos” collection. While many graphic design companies sell the client one design that works with one intended use, EQ Graphics provides fully layered master copies of our art files that can be easily manipulated and the eventing colors can be altered for a variety of uses.

Wit’s End Eventing’s entire logo can be used with their eventing colors for monogrammed jackets and business cards, or on any number of larger items like horse trailer decals, tack stall curtains, wool coolers, and more. The side of the jump standard in the design can be used alone for small items such as caps, and the farm currently uses it in this fashion as a brand on the horses they produce. 

Breeder’s Branding Goals Discovered in Design Consultation for Eventing Colors Logo

Our favorite part of designing our signature vector style logos for clients in the equine industry is taking the time to get to know them not only as a brand but as a person. During your design consultation, we’ll take the time to discover your unique eventing colors, your personality, your passions, why you love what you do, and who your ideal client is. All of these facts help shape our graphic designers’ ideas and visions for your unique logo design. Let us help you share your brand with the world. Visit to schedule your complimentary design consultation today.  Follow @eqgraphics on Instagram to see our latest designs featuring unique eventing colors.

Small Usa Eventing Team Logo For Wits End Eventers

“We couldn’t be happier with our new logo by EQ Graphics. It is visually striking, and really captures the personality of Wits End Eventing. Jackie and David were extremely easy to work with, very responsive to our needs and input and gave us an outstanding final product. We will definitely be using them again for future projects.“

Eventing Breeder's Barn Colors Adorn Colorful Custom Logo